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Service Level 61-80 Mage Pala 30-70
ALT March 13, 2009
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Service Level 61-80 Mage Pala 30-70 -Posted: March 13, 2009
Hi all,

First What I'm looking
Second What I offer
Third Securities
4th Contact


First What I'm looking
I hereby seek a level service for the following characters:

First Level 61 Blood Elf Paladin
What do you have?
Level 80 and 79 reach
- Cold Weather Flying, and 60% flies, as well as an FM

Second Level 30 Troll Mage (possibly 40)
What do you have?
- Reach level 70 and 68
- Learn fly (mining to 375 skillen would be desirable)


Second What I offer
I offer you a WoW account to:

They are ALL available data, I am the original owner of the account can also show a pic of the creation, CD-key is present. Rest of course (secret question, email ...)
The account is still about a 2/3 months pay.

To the account:

Char 1:
Level 80 Blood Elf Warlock
Riding 100% 60% fly
Zhevra Black War, as well as an FM and available from Outland
Herbalism 450/450
Enchanting 380/460 (Blood Elf and so on ...)
PvP Equip

Char 2:
Level 80 Tauren Death Knight
Riding 100% 60% fly
normal death knight mount, and an FM from Outland
Mining 450/450
PvP Equip

Char 3:
Level 62 Tauren Shaman
60% Riding
Four 16 mm pockets

I like to give out via ICQ to Arsenal left the Chars.


Third Securities

First Awareness Forum (Rank 13 (another forum))
Second Love-hate relationship, and Jimiboy KFLM have successfully traded with me, that is, three feedback.
Third Telephone number


4th Contact

First Here in the thread
Second PM me
Third ICQ (434-934-408)


My first Levler played within 2 weeks of the paladin from level 1 to 13 no longer. This is something I create myself in 2 hours.
My second Levler has leveled one hours then went off and did not report anymore.

Things of this kind will not be accepted!
Seeking a level service that it goes fast!

Likewise, no bots, exploits Exploits still be tolerated!
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ALT March 13, 2009
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If you do this entschliesset to pay cash, Report kannste'dich contact me. handlvl my service continues
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