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Search HORDE Level Service
ALT 12/30/2009
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Search HORDE Level Service - Posted: 30/12/2009

I am looking for my Mage (Level 8) or Paladin (Level 1) a service level up to level 60
I would give it an old account. (I'm unfortunately not in garage)
In the Char. There is a 80 Human / Warlock, 70 Night Elf / Druid, 60 Human / Paladin and Twink Tauren / Druid 29th (The rest can be deleted, or have no value)

Would be happy if someone answers.

ICQ: 571-956-159

LG, Kuhkie.

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ALT 12/30/2009
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Only save's wares!

Geger NEN Ace of you will not even sure no one you heard right leveling! We aRe oNe
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