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Paladin lvl 70-80
ALT 21/05/2010
Registered since: May 2010
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Paladin lvl 70-80 - Posted: 21/05/2010
Hello, I'm just came across this forum
and see the services offered here lvl
I would like to let my lvln Paladin lvl of 70 to 80
If you are interested please notify hatt

With friendly greetings

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ALT 21/05/2010
Avatar by curieL
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HI for 80 € I'll take your Paladin to 80
There are not using bots!
yes you can Report
Curiel mfg
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ALT 21/05/2010
Registered since: Mar 2008
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Since I prefer it smooth against

€ 45 for Level 70-80 - but by Bot, however, including a guarantee that the account is not locked!
I levle since April 2009 with a private bot and had since then, despite many truly commanded ended accounts are not banned.
Safety always comes first!
Just watch once the link in my signature on - think the prices are not more up to date, but the reviews speak for themselves, I =)

If interested, please register via PM in the forum, I'm traveling on business this weekend and therefore achieve little in ICQ.

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ALT 11.06.2010
Registered since: Jun 2010
Contributions: 2

My offer

* 70 -> 80
* All Classic, BC & WotLK flight points (currently applies only to Horde)
* Outland & Northrend map revealed complete
* Mount Riding Skill 225 +
* Erfarmtes gold reserves your Char

* Price: 41 €
* Duration: ~ 10 days
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Welcome back
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