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Imperial Blaze's Service Level
ALT 06/23/2010
Registered since: Jun 2010
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Imperial Blaze's Service Level - Posted: 23/06/2010
PR Agent - LVL Service

Dear Community,

in this thread, I offer my already very popular, and affordable for you, of the service.
I guarantee good Supprt and a fast, safe, clean and complication-free leveling, which you will find anywhere for these prices.

  • Background information about my services
  • My Offers
  • The method, the bot
  • Payment Methods
  • Order
  • Securities

Background information about my services:

I offer a level of service that puts the spotlight on the security of your account. I offer the following options to pursue the job, and incidentally to consistently come in contact with me:

  • daily status reports
  • Remote-View Dekstop
  • Landline access (24/7)

I offer you in complications that delay the levels, bonuses.

The deals:

Level Range: 1-60 Costs: € 30 Gold win: 500-1000
Level Range: 60-70 Costs: € 15 Gold win: 1000-2000
Level Range: 70-80 Costs: € 20 Gold win: 4000-8000
Level Range: 1-80 Costs: € 60 Gold win: 6000-9000

Indviduelle spans are possible at any time.


You are in the possession of a World of Warcraft - Keys? - I work for you dual.
1-60 with recruit a friend for € 40
The duration of 2 days and then you have two Level 60 Characters.

75 000 Honor for one € 15

Requires a character with the Level 80!
The method, the robot

The position of the IP address is in Germany and it is guaranteed one hundred percent attendance.

The bot is unknowable 'non-public' and for outside. He has the best AI, which ensures efficient levels. He is able to grind their own, to repair and buy food and drink.

Payment Methods:

  • PaySafeCard
  • PayPal (initially disabled)
  • Transfer
  • Moneybookers

In general, the payment is based on prepayment.


The order can be delivered via the following methods:

  • ICQ: 588426507
  • Private Message (Forum)
  • Response in the thread


  • Exchange of personal information (address, name, phone number, account details
  • other proposals will be accepted

I am very keen that you can sit back and relax you, my services can take advantage of.

I thank you for reading and am always available to Inannspruchnahme.

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ALT 24/06/2010
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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, you've committed a few errors:
1) wrong forum
2) may offer only Verified Level Service Members
3) are not currently looking for level service providers more

-> Once again that will be searched for the course announced by circular-mail.
-> Closed

Best regards,

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