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Paladin 76-80
ALT 24.10.2010
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Paladin 76-80 - Posted: 24/10/2010
I do not know if the forum is still active or whether the whole service is still active but I think times already.

and that is my please someone my paladin to 79 or 80 or irgentwas brings in between.

How does the prop with the currently offered because of the patch 4.0.1? There is currently no safe or honest?
Otherwise level up by hand. and ask people who have experience with such things; D

If one could make me then get in touch via msn icq or Just.

ICQ: 562079472
MSN: [email protected]

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ALT 24.10.2010
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So I let the bot even with the new patch on my main account to run, because with my new 80 '(which was also the last 12 gebottet level) need to honor. Except that it is what must change everything in Windows just fine ...
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ALT 25.10.2010
Registered since: Jul 2008
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Would you do it quickly, did not so much to do imo.

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ALT 22.11.2010
Avatar by svenmarian
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would make thee also. If you still need help PM
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