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Search Powerlevler for Mists of Pandaria 1-90
ALT 10/09/2012
Avatar Zzarc
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Search Powerlevler for Mists of Pandaria 1-90 - Posted: 10/09/2012
Hello dear ones,

I play WoW has veeeery long and now I just have to pull not have the patience or the time a character with the upcoming addon because I'm very busy at the moment.

So I'm looking for someone to level up my level 1 character with "Mists of Pandaria" of 1-90, more precisely from 10 or 20 to 90 (since I've even there, free and therefore can already begin to level) rather ,

The following points are important to me at the Leveler:

1. It must be played at 100% by hand, not a bot or other
2. You should be as fast as you level up, full concentration on (professions must not be geskillt)
3. You should already have experience in the leveling of characters (to know where you can get a good EP, can questing (where and how), etc)
4. Whisper of friends, GMs, etc. should be answered (previously in consultation with me)
5. Gold + items that are earned through quests remain on the account

What I offer you:

1. Transfer of an amount of money to be made your account via online bank transfer (Paypal I use non-self)
2. gold for mounts and Levelequip will be available (faster levels)
3. breaks (as I myself, when I'm on after work also levele)

Who has to take interest which may simply report to me via PM (after that you can use other contact options in how to proceed: ICQ, Whatsapp, SmS, mail, Skype, TS). Write me concretely best directly your asking price
If everything is going great, I'm willing to pay a bonus for it!

I would be happy if they reported an honest and has the time and inclination for such powerleveling!

In any case, I thank you that you've read my post up here and wish you a good start into the new week!

Love greetings
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ALT 23/10/2012
Avatar legasto
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Battle of the claw

150 €
But no Priest ^^
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ALT 24/1/2014
Registered since: January 2014
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Is offered on a 1-90 Leveling!

You've made a new char but again have to do all the quests do not feel like
or for hours to search for groups? Annoys the Gelatsche?
You do not know how you always get the gold for flying shalt?

Currently I play no Mage and Healskillungen
Occupations 1-600
Mining € 30.00
Skinning € 30.00
Archaeology € 30.00
Fishing € 30.00

(50-60) 15,00 € (1-60) 50,00 €
(60-70) 25,00 € (1-70) € 70.00
(70-80) 25,00 € (1-80) € 90.00

(80-85) € 25.00 25 (1-85) 70.00 €
(85-90) € 25.00 25 (1-90) 110.00 €

2000 € 6.00
4000 € 12.00
10250 € 25.00

Timeless Island 10,00 € 2000 € 6.00
LFR 1-9 10.00 each € 4,000 € 12.00
Instances 2,50 € 2.5 10250 € 25.00

-We Actually play by hand
-We Offer quality and not "in 5h 85-90" hacks, exploits or otherwise!
-You Have ALWAYS corresponding EQ at the end of lvl 90 and no 408'er dealer GS!

I offer you:

Constant experience since 2007
To keep all the gold
Of course, real German IP
For the Level orders a significant increase in gold incl.
No China Gefarme and grind!
Different Paths incl. Depending on how we Levels

Please consider the manual work now takes a little longer. For this, you also have quality

Is important. 100% bot free! We use many ways, for example via professions levels.
Curious? Write me by:

Skype: Game_Mogul

Hedging: You get my personal data and telephone number and identity, a fraudster would you all this not only give their confidence fast!
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