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Diary of my magician
ALT 26.09.2010
View Derouter
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Diary of my magician - Posted: 26/09/2010
Trail>Getestest and has me completely convinced to buy.

Delivery> As quickly as I had paid I could not watch, I had already received the email with the Keys.

Starting problems> A right simpled problem. Since I had copied my WoW and had prepared the settings for the bot to have taken over, of course, my keyboard layout. Thanks to help of the support I quickly became aware of the error.

Behavior of the bots>He heaps NEN useless spells that can only be put on the strips. Transforms the enemy into attacking and sheep when several quester course.
However, it takes a bit to find the point at which one has the last gebottet <enter export of logs would be a sinnvoll> in a log file. But with a little experience, the quest of the current progress can quickly find it again.

Otherwise, I am currently satisfied the bot should get problems with quests I will tell of course.

Level 353 days, 2 hours, 24 minutes
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