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ALT 01.10.2010
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DeZent - Posted: 01/10/2010
Dear Diary .....

Today I've picked out by a bot botting to something.
After some time I hae greed then found a very interesting and hee as it is possible to even test for 5h.

So I ordered the same to me even a test acc. after about 3 hours then I get a message and I could start.

Hmm time to see where is my old acc .... I do not my main order of the botte.

some settings and switching orders acc free again later ....... tada new acc is an old broad to botting.

Thus the data presented in the previously entered down loaded and follow the video instructions.

VOLTAGE ..... He runs off and toon and dies. Asnwer ..... offered such a crap crap, but this must hmmm .....

AHH I trottel I should already understand the instructions completely and carefully read The magic in the 1,3,5 wahrlos bar set so so

Well sometimes toon with NEM commenced and all other NEW set to zero. easily determined for the beginning.

So as I said a new toon and followed the instructions created nochmlas All That to start down and lo and behold .... the toon does it all runs off and takes on quest plat and releases it again. let's do that!


So the Toon is a paladin. to / played he has arrived at 11h LVL 14 and diligently makes his Q's.

goes wherever the tasachen are full of dealers and they are empty again.

It is a joy for me to see how well his magic, he / suggestions used. Also, the loot is always executed, not left behind.

up to lvl 14, he died and is 3X has found his corpse always quickly and effectively.

anwänden objects or hang it remains as good as ever. and if he has good Einne liberate art itself. not stuck after 11h and I like that.

The toon has reached lvl27. / Played 1d 16h 7m

So one can say he works in front of the same speed. the UICH find a good cut.

at lvl 15 is something I prob task had offered the restart and unfortunately not the right ones can be found here q to continue to run where it left off.

I then just lvl-up process and it was put back all the old.

mitlerweile I also have a few shcon can eingkuafen bags. btw, I started with no gold or other bonis. So a brand new toon / acc.

It is still too beobachen good as "smart," he uses his magic. consecrate then when he has several opponents, etc.

the decisions regarding his warding off the bots is nice. eg when he hits the town with horse on the way to not just sit wahrlos to be maturing mobs. no he entschiedet to lvl me and it splints if he reckons himself whether, if he would die on rides. So he got back schläg when necessary.

after some observation time did i ch found that the orientation offered by WP. I think not always good. there so if someone offered something can be seen observed, which are always the same punkete expired. I would like a behavior ala pphater better. if that's who says what.

But maybe this is also the reason why glider was then to make the gates and had to run other bots on ... hmmm why others may not carry on bots and glider? ....

oh yes, not only the q's are going well on the FP are always found, and he uses this as much as his pick up or deliver q ... that's for what

Hello diary.

Mitlerweile the bot will continue to arrive at LVL 40, is not objectionable.

In 1000nadeln afk botting it is in-come to Prob. May be it was the elevator that had been made correctly But it can not make out exactly.

I have found again the connection progress in the list. wanted the 'Toon stendig pass through all the mountains. had a lot of help so that he arrives at his destination.

After a while, I then decided to make further in Tanaris. There he unfortunately can not accept all the Q's, because he had not the necessary lvl. But it was not so bad, I thought ...

I just skipped all the q's list in progress. abner this is not so easy, at least not when you consider that he tries unanswered q's later leave again. So then it hangs again. Who is already perfect ....

The toon, but then he caught it again. intervene after about 40lvl something is ok for me

Moin diary.

Everything is going well. The lvl 56 is reached. the only prob is now and then, if the toon has no free bag places. He then these need to q for a reward or the anzuhemen q'gegenstand. sold or put away a few things, then everything funst well.

In the crater, I noticed that he does not completed the q with the monkey skin properly. He does not go far enough in the area around the monkey passenen start to find but also fix 2 of hand hewn down, and continue to

In this area there is a PvP-battle has slipped. guess that the other is purely made in my solemn and so has my activated pvp. may already nervous when it's done. but also funny to see that the toon win .... after a few wins, and then loos abwaten to pvp is off and on when q is observed do it .... everything is good.

Diary entry stardate 2010 ......

BC has reached the toon. Here there are the q's which perma handmake are. So fix 2-3 q's have been through and continue to run. not that I only had to gather the prob first Well then the toon a head start in lvl range based on the traditional q's.

funny ... should be a cave where a npc is dead forever for a q ... the reason is one of the rumlaufender toon again this cave abfarmt ... offered one other!

emin is mitlerweile toon to lvl 62 and hits himself through the shards world. 'm looking forward onto farms in the inis.

Diary here I am again ....

So the toon has now reached the lvl 64 in / played 7d 7h 58m.

zzt he is traveling the world and makes shards here and there some little muck. There are some not seeing mobs and hit me yet. nothing can correct the bit for but he still always dies . what can one do or what should be done against.

some q's are designed so that the toon into a house he must un daort will then not go away. because he clicks on the mob will kill him and thinks he is already drann. But he is only under the

All in all, not much to go there ... manko

Hello diary.

It has come to the toon is just turned 70 / 9d 4h 34m played.

that's not a very good time right?

I binzufrieden so

and now let's see what he can break the case ....

danne up.

Diary Rintrag 18:20

my toons are fleizig, they gather ores and herbs.

the pala I have farms of 0-300 is now käuterer and bb.

has also gefunst well. even fly with it and be framed funst.

the selectable processe are not always of use to hit but on the whole good. shows how the performance.

landscapes in mountainous eg searing gorge there is always a point / spot on my nerves because the toon then hangs around for ever and over again until he pulls he has to get up there eingeschrängt hmm.

so long

Diary entry of new

My hunter has now made it to 80. Played is not understandable, since he was 70 and I have not even looked. has lasted for about 5 days, I think. everything he has made himself

Now he is gone do the Hellfire ini ... gone sounds funny dumdidum time farming ini such a toon from what has

death after 3-4 it is then also have been through. his Rüssi has been fitted only by questing and farming is therefore a 'average 155th not what a lot I think.

Then about 40 minutes later, the ini is due. btw the dragon in the end he does not mt. is probably better that way, at least in the beginning. because he often went on it would be determined with the gear ...

well it is 30g then came out after the minus repkosten. to have a little leather and fabrics.

when I get to 50-60g which is probably all been.

My conclusion: jop with the hunter, the ini goes well. but he need to get better Rüssi fixed by the time gold and comparatively fit. So once ran to the PvP-game


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ALT 01.10.2010
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Hello and welcome to the forum
Thank you for your journal, I'm sure this will help me some.

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