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Paladin (not yet started)
ALT 17.10.2010
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Paladin (not yet started) - Posted: 17/10/2010
Sun first Hello!
It should here be the Tagebbuch my little palace!
So after I had offered the set for me which was a children's play I've also created a small paladin.
Then "get process" clicked and you start it was!

The first levels were also normal by only came equipped with the 4lvl grind a little time consuming but if the bot wants well then we do it and then always nice quest accepted and delivered! But then he wanted to star in the area of 6-7 grind to lvl 3s! °. ° well, I thought to myself let him if he wants to ...
After a while when I looked at him I was level 8 and he wanted to grind to level 10 then 2 x give quest and then gather wood but hey presto it was done!
At the moment, the pala level 11 and is in the West case grind!
Elapsed playing time: 6hr 32 min incl settings
Gold: 360,000/bans: 00000000000000
Shaman: 1-[65]-85
Total 85 ´s: 6 total 80 ´s: 3

Last edited by swift12345 (21/10/2010 to 17: 04 Clock) Reason: Failed to begin at last =)!
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