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ALT 24.10.2010
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Druid - Posted: 24/10/2010
This is my first Bot Char and I have decided on a druid, because I've been all classes (even leveled), not just druids.

The Char runs as a druid cat around. For this I have screwed up on the preferences page "skills" for the healing of the value of 50% to 65%. 50% had some times simply not enough for multiple mobs.

Enable the "Goto Town" necessarily "kill on way back." In order to defend the bot if he on his way back to the city / collection point is to sell things, for example.

Day 1:

Good Spirits I buy the 2 month version of the bot and a WoW trial account there to test once the bot.

Do not forget to create an exclusion list that sell things, the bot will not. Without skinning knife skinning it not be well

Up to about level 7 so far everything is going ok, then the problems start. The bot is attacking a mob, bääääm, WoW crash, spiritual healer.

After another 10 attempts I decide to postpone my tests on a different day

Day 2:

The bot still smeared on a regular basis. Help in the forum does not help, but somehow is becoming clear that it could be due to Windows 7 / Vista.

Day 3:

I'm installing a virtual machine using VMWare Player and install Windows XP there, and the WoW Bot

This time no problems. The bot runs and runs and runs. So apparently it is a Windows 7 / Vista problem?

Day 4, 5 and 6:

The bot is now 32nd on Char Level He is indeed herbalist, but I'm off to gather the function that the bot picks flowers. I sometimes had the problem that the bot just about riding without dismounting, when he is attacked. Without herb collection function, it is now better.

The bot done properly and in between he grinded his quests sometimes even are 1-2 levels.

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