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ALT 07.11.2010
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Dudu/Warrior/Rouge - Posted: 07/11/2010

Right now my turn for a long time unused chars grind with the Fair Play Bot direction above

Start: Level 72 Druid, what can I say that is of the BC times, epic and blue fitted and runs like hell as a cat, currently 77, all in Lot
Start: Level 30 Druid, equipped green off the AH, now 38, not quite so quick, but ok

Conclusion: Druid goes to grind very quickly, as does mega damage cat problem, only groups of 4 mobs, as it usually is spent, but so far only in the minds farming Zul Drak happened.

Start: Level 70 warrior quest of green stuff is now 75, with the new self-healing super fix the road

Start: Level 10 warrior, just turned 26 20% more XP, runs 1a

Conclusion: the warrior I was skeptical because I knew how the hand was expedient at that time leveling, by the self-healing since it is 4:01 1a which mobs falllen mostly after 2 shots.
He wants to always use an ability that is not ready yet, but runs 1a.

Start: Level 70 Rogue, green gear, blue weapons - battle geskillt is, unfortunately, not very fast, poisons he uses only occasionally although the weapons and poisons are in the groin.
I had the speed to make a good comparison to the 70 Warrior 150% because both were rested.
The warrior has been used in this bonus a good 4 hours completely, the villain in 6.5.
Can of course be the new way of playing the villain, especially other classes needed to feed anything, the rogue eats me out of house

more classes coming soon
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