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Night Elf hunters [in work]
ALT 18.11.2010
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Night Elf hunters [in work] -Posted: 18.11.2010
So after my paladin has now successfully completed the Quest mode and has reached level 80 after 11 days I now start a new char! There is now a hunter and this will be leveled completely without BOA! I'll moment during the levelns completely rely on Skinning and Leatherworking and hope to reach level 80 my two professions have also directly 450.

I am now trying a little closer to record everything already show newcomers in advance what done for a great performance of Fairplaybot!

STATUS: Level 40

It begins with Level 1 in the night elves area. The Char currently has no large bags, but this he takes on the first letter box in reception! (Frostweave bags, 20 places)

Level 1 18.11.2010 Played 0d 0h 0m
Level 7 18.11.2010 Played 0d 1h 30m Leatherworking Skinning Level 13 16
Level 10 0d 3h 19m 18.11.2010 Played Leatherworking Skinning Level 13 16 there was gegrindet 7-10 aloud Quest Task
Kudos to this point. From the elf starting area are to Stormwind without even a problem running
Level 15 0d 8h 30m 19.11.2010 Played Leatherworking 55 Skinning Level 75
Level 19 0d 14h 30m 19.11.2010 Played Leatherworking Skinning Level 55 Level 127
Level 20 0d 17h 0m 19.11.2010 Played Leatherworking Skinning Level 55 Level 138
Level 22 0d 20h 20m 19.11.2010 Played Leatherworking Skinning Level 67 Level 143
Level 27 20/11/2010 Played 1d 3h 0m Leatherworking 225 Skinning Level 67 is because I have not yet processed the leather! Come now but I finally learn to ride
Level 31 20/11/2010 Played 1d 11h 0m Leatherworking Skinning Level 125 Level 225
Level 38 21/11/2010 Played 1d 23h 50m Leatherworking Skinning Level 125 Level 268 is riding further geskillt at level 40 in the city when buying fast!
Level 39 21/11/2010 Played 2d 3h 0m Leatherworking 183 Skinning Level 268
Level 40 21/11/2010 Played 2d 12h 0m Leatherworking 183 Skinning Level 300

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