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The long journey of a Druid from Teldrassil
ALT 29.12.2010
Registered since: Dec 2010
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The long journey of a Druid from Teldrassil - Posted: 29/12/2010
Now that I sometimes want to have a druid, the farms and have fun, and I FPB provides the ideal opportunity ... (The priest is pulled up later ^ ^)

12.29.2010, 08:00 clock
Character creation, a female Night Elf Druid awakened from their slumber and begin their journey through Azeroth. Her secret companion to level 8 for Cat, also a night elf druid helps by 3-fold experience.

Clock 09:00
Level reaches 8, cat form assumed alongside breakfast swallowed, Bot on, time is running

Clock 12:30
Except for a quirk where I walked by hand and not taken a quest have no problems, have arrived at Level 13th

Clock 15:45
I had managed to level 17 during a job interview, no known flaws

Clock 16:30
Franks and Beans in Redridge Mountains has a Druid in cat form a bit worse prepared as Condor but partly encouraging tree and sits as a cat because they do not melee rankommt. Otherwise, level 18 and become folded reibunslos before.

12.30.2010, 02:30 clock
Shadowfang denied as a bear (in-house labor), class, meanwhile, completed quest, level 26!
Except for the two class-related Relogfunktion and dropouts (cat no ranged from flying / high center of mobs that are now resolved thanks to Faerie Fire) everything works wonderfully magnificent.

Clock 08:50
A few more instances of dispute has reached level 30, / played by 22 1/2 hours; bot is running again, so far without further incident.

Clock 10:00
Stopping Short's Legacy, 26.30, makes a few problems, since the bot will not automatically knocks down the totems of the NPC and sit according to several minutes on a stain remains (Melee) (problem solved incorrectly strips)

12.31.2010, 02:00 clock
Brut Strength, Step 35.9, the enemy pathfinding errors, otherwise continue without problems. Shortly before level 39, played by 1d 14h (which I've spent 4 hours on the wall and Nich Questmob came to ^ ^)

Clock 07:00
Frederick's Fish Fancy Step 35 109 caused problems after I am killed by "Stood in the Fire". My mind was not on the other side of the lake, if the bot alone would not end the quest to answer kanni ch. Otherwise error-free until there questing, level in 41 1d 20h.
Step 35 111 catalysm also incorrect quest item is not used.

Clock 14:00
The pathfinding in 35 172 is a bit stupid design, and the terrain inaccessible to some. As a little help was needed. Level reaches 44, played 2d 2h.

Clock 18:00
Level 45, played by 2d 6h, so far found no errors. When I flew into the Badlands Wurd the teleporter is not used (Step 45.2).

Clock 23:00
Level 48, 2 of grind level only. 45.78 to 45.80 and 54.83 and 54.85 flawed. (Badlands, with the 3 dwarves, skills will not be used / wrong route. Otherwise, all largely error-free, played 2d 12h, bot. Happy you

01.01.2011, 09:00 clock
A new year has begun, bot will again be stymied. Happy new year!

Clock 23:00
48.71, 48.83 and 52.21 flawed, Level 56 in 3d 6h, and made a few instances.

01.02.2011, 04:00 clock
In the Swamps of Sorrow changed direction entspurt Burning Crusade bot is running.

01.03.2011, 10:00 clock
Until Zangarmarsh questing easily 4d 5h to 64th level
Only the elevator at Telredor requires my attention.

04.01.2011, 04:00
In Nagrang I'm ready, Level 66 4d 14h, including computer bot was now time for 8 hours off.
I arrived in Blades Edge Mountains degree, so far found no problems.

Clock 21:00
Level 70 reached in 5d 5h, Howling Fjord Step 83 works not so all help out, had to.

07.01.2011, 07:00
Shortly before level 75 in 7d 5h. Quests where certain items are preparing difficulties lying around in the area, otherwise any problems so far weitergequestet

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ALT 29.12.2010
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AHSO woo a friend You see the full or only through to level 8?
I think even if I do my degree at the new nochn and then the follower with BOA then to be run with EQ?
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ALT 29.12.2010
Registered since: Dec 2010
Contributions: 11

I HPs run only up to level 8 can of cat form would, anyway, "just" go to level 60 and that's no big deal since 4.0.1 more

Especially since I was so farming can continue with my main =)
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