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Bluteflin Schurkin
ALT 11.01.2011
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Bluteflin Schurkin - Posted: 11/01/2011
[B] Hey Love Com,
Nya now since you are here on my thread and yes I'll keep a diary about my Rogue
which I will update as often as possible.

Day 1 [B]: 11.01.11: 13 - 18:20 clock. : Achievements Level 9
Quote: Up goes the level6 leveling / questing very fast.
The bot grinded from level1 to 3.From there, until he quester level6.
From level6 it takes a long time since the bot will grind from level 6 to 8 must be
to accept the next quest, so he Grinded at lvl 3-5-mob

Update will follow tomorrow, will run the bot over night and leave school!.


Update: I have the bot then identified eight [filth Led lights on PC]

The Char has succeeded yet, but at least up to lvl 1Lvl 10th
Does the bot but adjusted for the new quests because there iwie has shifted somewhat and now wants to make the quests I did in Qlog Nich.

Have ceased to use the bot since I got my paladin to 85 and leveled my Mage to 81 yourself!

Closed #

Last edited by xslideros (09.02.2011 to 19: 55 (Watch)
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ALT 11.01.2011
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React at night but the alarm Otherwise you come to the school to the pc and your character is facing a wall. But close only on the most important, for example Whisper, stucco, duel, trade, quest time> 45 min ... Characteristic degree, not all heart

But nice that you live a diary Please update always busy.
Gulli spoiled

The more precisely you have followed the instructions, I am all the more friendly
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