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Night Elf Hunter up to 85
ALT 12.01.2011
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Battle of the claw

Night Elf Hunter up to 85 - Posted: 12/01/2011
Okay, I try to just write xD

lvl 1-10 of hand

lvl 10-20 sometimes intervened but never died.

NEN had to buy lvl 20-30 has taken a long time I mount xD.

lvl 30-40 quest made some vonhand because he has let things often are.

lvl 40-50 was quite fast and the hammer is that I've never died so far bin.brauchte not intervene.

lvl 50-60 was a real walk was fun to sit and watch.

lvl 60-68 bc bought it first goes off 2-3 times helped and who was long gone.
Okay, now do not start problems on how to KP grinds everything done just like in the video of the attack, he offered only the route with 68 to ab.okay leuft nordendglück died very often but at lvl 69 yet Store. Make up to break the full bonus ehrholungs and start a mage.

The whole I'm in 9 days non-stop since I Store from your iPhone always looked back to see if everything is okay or was offline realm after all new towns.

So who is really offered the hammer.

day 10 did the hunter can see it running again and am lvl 70, but I admit I let the other char leveling him to 70 and only then go into the new territory of the quest offered me dies too many times!

Day 11, he is hanging on NOW LET almost 73 degrees at the process level 72,73,74 are level up last night, he slaps the mobs will also likely have.

Day 12 I thought he does level up to 74 .. nee to level up to 73 quests he does with it is more so 4/5 times but has died again on its own it can be run through the night belebt.habe on my netbook, the bed was next to me on the so I was able to intervene if the alarm schreit.So gene 3.50uhr ALARM because he has come to level 74 and on the hills away by taxi to the grizzliy is! Now he happily ever after xD quester level was close to 75th

Sun Day 13-18 went very well at the moment are'm level 83, which is always annoying at the end of this level up processes because it is worthwhile to make some more quest's own, because there takes a long grind. I wonder if I can do it in 2tagen to 85.

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