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DK / Dudu / Pala from beginning to end
ALT 28.02.2011
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DK / Dudu / Pala from beginning to end - Posted: 28.02.2011
Hello together,
Remember what I'm longer, but I'm rather lazy writing

First anticipated, the bot I was first a bit skeptical about it, but I have to say "respect"
everything to my complete satisfaction flap previously (small stucco and Connect Problems)

Level up to have the bot just my twinks weill I do not want the same Q's have to make again and again.

The Dk of 58 to 81 only used in grind mode. (No stucco, only one problem with the food's purchase)
The Pala 1-56 - 3 days 17 hours 55 min QuestMod - Minor stucco - Skinning the way so the longer time
The Dudu - Cat-1 - 37 - I'm really excited - Stuck Without significant QuestMod.

after which the sample will still BG mode. I'm curious

Ps: Had brief pause times due to the Alleged Banwelle. But I think I very "naive" (ie also at night without alarm and day while I was at work) gebottet did, I probably would have anyway been long overdue.

Sunday. enough for now
and Bot on

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ALT 28.02.2011
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Very good, hope you stay still nice feedback so successful!
By isser hard, times isser soft. But always soft is also hard.
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ALT 01.03.2011
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I am beginning to wonder how much real bad luck I have had to be banned ....
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ALT 10.03.2011
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quick update

Dudu - 46 - Quest Mode 2 hr day 5th 22min - various stucco (wrong track predominantly in bushes)
DK - 83 - Grind Mode problems still
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