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Much above
ALT 20.03.2011
Registered since: Mar 2009
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Much above - Posted: 20/03/2011
Second day and only started botting afternoon because it took forever to come clear.
Only a small mistake, but thanks to great effect, Christoph (Admin) is now everything is great.
Read the descriptions carefully and look through the videos exactly everything works great.
Hmmm what do I do now? BG lvln farms?
First of farms and like to deal with the bot. Oha 2000 gold ores nice lot and no stress to the woman because I'm lying on the sofa and you tickle the back and front of the net pc squat (which is a good woman but strict).
So now look what BG times as leaves. Nice but quite often I die, but all in all the rocks offered by this well.
Saddle up and down the middle and iwi as well as opponents are always where I hinrenne ^ ^.
Why follow me whatever everyone else who is running away from net long alone.

On the whole it's even fun to look at how my character to farm for ores and slaps BG's see how it goes.
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Posted: recently

ALT 21.03.2011
Registered since: Dec 2008
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You should read the show with the instructions.
In addition, one should, even if it makes no sense to make the bot screens and label them extensively.
Fals is desired, I once put it ...
Gulli spoiled

The more precisely you have followed the instructions, I am all the more friendly
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OK that's sick!
ALT 21.03.2011
Registered since: Mar 2009
Contributions: 5

OK that's sick! -Posted: 21.03.2011
Day 3 started for me about 9 ^ clock but not for the bot had to go through ^.
400 honor overnight at lvl 85 bg's enough going on at this time, no matter has rocked well.
Local script on and off the lvl 42 shaman created nice script and at lvl 48-49 in Felwood killing.
Only went full time in the pants ...! Ok back to the floor and put Healequip umskillen new teams and back.
Whoa now going from bad and good Equip vz makes the real 7lvl about me flat.
He runs and runs without vorquest equally favorably with the Timbermaw.
The materials which collects the hammer are'm alone in Felwood 400 Mageweave collected.

NOTE: Create the script (paths points) better die and run away with the spirit of the massive saves time because you do not there must be only kloppen it by myself.
So at the beginning of die (press start) and (press stop) then at the end.
NOT afterwards revived back to the spirit healer and start running from there to the revival script to the body. Liven adjust quickly finished.

THX for reading my little diary. bb IrrerSani

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ALT 22.03.2011
Registered since: Mar 2009
Contributions: 5

Day 4 shaman is now at lvl 49 has more than 1,000 Mageweave erfarmt gruenes and mingled with a bit more blue Equip.
On kloppen after Wintequell and elementary. Globe of Water, Elemental Water, Essence of Water drops it without border, ah ``'m looking forward again.
The mobs are 6lvl me about it provided the matter is that he runs through there like nothing.
The class plays better than me soon ..... griml.

And on it goes. bb
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