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GNOME/Witcher draws its rounds
ALT 10.05.2011
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GNOME/Witcher draws its rounds - Posted: 10.05.2011
'm new here and have the FP now for 2 days.
So far I'm really begeister!
He runs with me on my main computer in a VM.
As slaves, I've created a gnome warlock. The goal is to him on 80 levels and then to 85 with KK to Skillen.

Day 1:
LvL 1-13
Since I'm new to the FP, I had to take a first bit of a peeve. Have a gnome warlock created and make everything right can.
Unfortunately, remained at the 3rd quest hanging on a wall. Is it always fell down and then raced against the wall Short self-completed and on we went.
To Stormwind, everything went wonderfully. Unfortunately, he has shot himself in the underground railway over and again, I've touched up by hand.
Otherwise everything has worked out great!

Day 2:
LvL 13-24
I have now installed on TeamViewer to work every now and can take a look at my little ones. Today went by without any help out. World Class

So stay tuned to follow updates!


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ALT 11.05.2011
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Please check the setting, the bot logs out if he has a longer piece.
And best of luck for the rest
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