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Blood elf Paladin 1-50 Criss Diaries 13 16.07.2011 18: 31
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Paladin blood elf
ALT 13.06.2011
Registered since: Oct 2007
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Paladin blood elf - Posted: 13/06/2011
Levels in the blood elf area was ne was ordered to engage the whole Katastrope yeit the only positive was the way to the Barrens then later he has mastered perfect!

otherwise he will not die for the funeral or the char is logged out I simply must intervene every 15 minutes!

achja grind mode is well

I've now playtime 2 days and am level 22

I'll get back to Ashenvale now

2 days 10 hours stuckt level 24 yet everywhere .....
3 days 4 hrs 36 bit level begins to run at good stucks
3 days 17h 43 level
5 days 2 hrs leve l 55 Well, some times he has problems with the quest or is assumed to solve it has been ready for hours but otherwise with a little help out here we go well.!
6T 7 h just before level 62
Step grind to 60 Horde in Silithus Please skip trash pug makes better in Outland! give more eps ...

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ALT 14.06.2011
Registered since: Dec 2008
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So I had the initial region of the Blood Elves never had a problem.
May I ask why you grindest?
Gulli spoiled

The more precisely you have followed the instructions, I am all the more friendly
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ALT 14.06.2011
Registered since: Oct 2007
Contributions: 14

Well when I do the quests offered and at some point he is aiming not what he started or released
or runs against walls etc you can have it only 15 minutes from the eyes.
I lose the connection in jo ...

Now as I have the problem that he can no longer continue to quest at level 27 because he has built somewhere measures
and task-logg I find no gap to make it new quest to leave.
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ALT 14.06.2011
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There is really absolutely impossible with the quest to get confused because it seie:
-You choose the step after each reboot manually (which he remembers!!)
-You are manually starting quests
-You take on quests manually
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