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ALT 28.07.2011
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Troll Druid 1-85 - Posted: 07/28/2011
Sun Well, I also write a diary mla ...

So have tried for a tombstone at the beginning to be offered quests to not be so Niels slipped as I had imagined. I was thinking even think of the new not yet been revised so is the beginning area.
Was not a world-sunset until level 10 then we went wonderfully gelevelt.Ab of hand in quest mode I thought I would not now currently 35th on level bottom of the expectant / played list amounts are based on only about
From hand-leveled 1-10 / played about 1 hour 20 minutes
10-20 eigtl went really well only 2 stucks / played about 2h 30min
20-30 really stuck without a single really good work / played 4h
30-40 a stucco was already known / played 5h10min

PS: becoming so keep well to date as possible
PPS: I'm surprised

Ecko MFG

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