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Pala 1-85
ALT 19.10.2011
Registered since: Sep 2011
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Pala 1-85 - Posted: 19.10.2011

Tauren now have my Retribution Paladin 1 - 85 and leveled reports short as it was. Pala has my account bound items
(Helmet, shoulders, cloak, chest, ring, weapon and both trinkets).

Startkapital.150 gold

End value: 17.000 Gold (2 x 359 Epic, massive herbs).

Char created equipt and run.

1-10 quickly without a single problem so I praise me (4 hours)
10-20 a piece otherwise without problem (5 hours)
20-30 2 Death by a problem not a problem otherwise su (4 ½ hours)
40-50 The hammer was not the no mow moo (5 hours)
50-60 2 Stuck noticed too late (9 hours)
60-70 It takes a long time for quests, otherwise OK (19 hours)
70-80 some quests while the goods are buggy. (23 hours)
80-85 grind / farm below (34 hours)
Total: 103 hours

He Levelt at a pace without a lot has to do it. It is barely noticeable in which he is a bot with a few exceptions. I ran all 10 levels for teachers and this has been enough. He almost dies by the wise use of skills by the ACC Trinkets reggen he never does.

The Quest Mode 80-85 would still be in my opinion Revised. Does he long for quests, and they rarely connect with each other. He often mistakes where he will accept a quest, but he had previously done this or can not find the quest giver. Massive Stuck by the unevenness of the landscape come exacerbates be given so that a reasonable quest hardly messenger.

Conclusion: The Quest mode from Fairplaybot is highly recommended. The speed is high the cost so low that one so can not offer anything. Since I had used up to the Pala Bot only for farming / grinding and it has already proved to me since, has come for me to even the quest mode.
I hope my report is acceptable to you.

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ALT 24.11.2011
Registered since: Dec 2007
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So I think the quest mode of 80-85 actually very good.

He's in Hyjal, Deepholm, Uldum and Twilight Highlands just the quests that he can do without phasing and co.

rather find the range 20-80 very mühsehlig because he remains stuck now and then and you have to look constantly.
Just now - must ring the bell (used gear) and is 40 minutes before it and does nothing.
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ALT 24.11.2011
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Thank you for your report. But I could also just 2-3 bugs in the 80-85mm range make. But I must also say that I had no problems in the area of 20-60. I think this is because what race / class / server to play. I guess if everything goes smoothly, and you get to the 10 Stuck on 1-85 which are not preventable (because something spins or altered).

He obviously is not as fast as a man is clear, but it can also work through for months ..
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