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Hunter 80-85 Hyial
ALT 07.01.2012
Avatar legasto
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Battle of the claw

Hunter 80-85 Hyial - Posted: 07/01/2012
Sometimes so wanted to make a little diary
Start now at 17.30 in the hunter Hyial in the first quest.

Lvl 80 - 81. 7:01:12 at 17.30 clock (had to stop short because I still had all the acc-bound items and these were too weak to catch thus only now after I've re-equipped in Stormwind from head to toe) (new time: 20.00)
Sun geschaft. Has had half the LvL gequesten leather lining up around it and the quest is no longer accepted as correct or has found, so I'm just starting now grinded lvl 81st
Gesammtzeit: 3 hours 10 minutes

Lvl 81 - 82. 7:01:12 at 23.00 clock (So did the Bott completely grind to be carried to an instance, I played in between. Super delivery only died once.) Have the Pc then times out and makes the bot leave to rest. Tomorrow it early on.
Gesammtzeit: 4 hours 42 minutes

Level 82 - 83. 8:01:12 at 12.00 clock (So this lvl today I completely grinded through only because he had his back to the quest complications and I had no time to readjust everything, all day today was on the way) but everything went great.
Gesammtzeit: 8 hours 15 minutes

Lvl 83 - 84. 8:01:12 at 02.00 clock (Also this lvl, I can only grind. I Was going to sleep in front dressed this morning and he was lvl up so no more problems. Not even a whisper.) Delivery very well.
Gesammtzeit: 9 hours 30 minutes

Lvl 84 - 85. 13:01:12 at 3.00 clock (yes that was not how the gwünscht Grind mode is totally wrong at lvl 84th because he no longer knows where he should go and running away into the sea. I have tried every possible place where he would want to go out but Nothing has worked. So I got me a few days taken two times at night time and have the last quest, and by instances made lvl SOO finally finished. Char of 2 to 85,

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ALT 08.01.2012
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If I may give you a tip: From the remaining 82 or 83 levels of play in instances of a hand) to get points, and b) Items also very fast HERE
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ALT 13.01.2012
Avatar legasto
Registered since: May 2010
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Battle of the claw

Finally finished ^ ^
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