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Diary of the characters
ALT 08.01.2012
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Diary of the characters - Posted: 08/01/2012
(Original: The Path of Magician)

Hey, to suppress a bit of a long time while botting, I thought to myself, do not hesitate a diary

Table of Contents:

First The Magician
Second [DONE] The death knight
Third Farms, ranches, farms

1. The mage 1-70

First of all: The magician starts at level 1, Acc-bound shoulders, chest and weapon and a lvl 25 casual guild (723 members).
I've already started last night, got my mage + 10gold the items given and off we went.
Unfortunately, I forgot to "plunder" to turn, so he ran all night between 2Mobs back and forth, and nothing happened: The result is therefore miserable - Level 3.
Well, I started again this afternoon, occupations are mediocre, furriers vorran is quite good, but mining buggt me too much, if eg an ore in a mine. , and he is on the surface, he stuckt immediately.
After many startup problems, HERE now well underway.


Level 10 in 8 Hours 14Minuten.

I will now let the bot run for 2-3hours under supervision, and then resubmit decision
See you later.

So, I'm going to sleep now, a short progress report: I leave this with the professions, I am too stupid, but he does leveling 1a, with no problems!

Level 20 in 12-hour 34Minuten

He has gegathert all night, although questing to was ..
Well, a lot of linen cloth and gold
Here we go normal way -> Level 23: 1day 50Minuten

Mirkwood done quickly, then to continue into the Northern Cape!

Next hurdle created -> Level 30! - 1 day 6 hours 30minutes

So after today I rumgetüttelt all evening on the Main, now HERE continued:

Level 32 - 1 day 9Stunden 16Minuten

Let's see what the night brings so until tomorrow!

He remained in the first 2-3hours Stucken .. Well, well, full throttle on - and still sleep at Bot a round of go - Level 35!

So, I now Level 39 in 1 day and 21Stunden 31Minuten achieved and will now only go once again on my main, and then continue later

So, I start again - there you go, the way I am frost mage, I have not even mentioned. Runs up to now everything great, let's see what the night

2. [DONE] The death knight 55-70

So, I decided to take a short hand to be leveled a death knight. Started with 0 Gold. Of 55 - 60 I myself have done the quests quickly -

Level 60 in 4hours 28Minuten .

I let him do his thing now in Outland - see you later then!

After 3hours a day and even now level 65and 567 gold by grind

We did it! 2 days, 4hours and 12Minuten - Level 70 Brutal Gladiator armor and full!

Third Farms, ranches, farms

In order to get a little gold, I've considered myself just in time to gather einzutüfteln mode. I have sent my Main to Hyjal with mining, and to have him there gathern 1 1/2 hours long, it ran just fine. Could in time Obsidiumerz 280, 7 volatile fire and a 4 green stones , find for what I do not think that bad times.

I farme but only as 1-2 hours a day, since I currently only want to pull my twinks times, and do not need so much gold.
My Gatherergebnisse I am every day (maybe even every other day) post here, so stay posted!

Last edited by Chrisle (09.01.2012 to 06:56 (Watch)
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ALT 09.01.2012
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Sorry if I now so say then unnecessary. 2 Topics mitm same content.
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ALT 09.01.2012
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I would be sorted on any case to create class journals ... So for a Mage, and one for death knights.
Best regards,

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