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Dreinai Shaman 1-70
ALT 06/02/2012
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Dreinai Shaman 1-70 - Posted: 02/06/2012
I have the bot (previously Honor Buddy) and again concerned me full of joy and good things like a shaman erstellt.Ich on the part of the alliance here describe from the perspective of a newcomer, are like my first experience with the bot, and how the char developed . I will make each of the date and / played time specify.

After you set up (thanks to the Tut videos just child's play ), I immediately created my shaman.
He has neither gold nor Acc.binded Equip yourself to muddle through.
Level 1-8 (3 hours played)
Initially, the bot was fine until he stuckte on a quest due to his permanent demise (because I notice that the bot will be interchanges Gear apparently not self-employed) that is solved self-Quest and more HERE (the character will be the way skillen Elementary).
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ALT 07.06.2012
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Battle of the claw

yes yes the good TuT Video
Make a wish much fun when lvln and am looking forward to your report how it works.
To start the game with even a thought schamy
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