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BangNite - Masterof Ghouls (DK - Custom Class)
ALT 05.12.2008
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BangNite - Masterof Ghouls (DK - Custom Class) -Posted: 05.12.2008
BangNite - Master of Ghouls

Source: Glider by "Super Slow"


Originally posted by Super Slow
This is a Master of Ghouls CC. If you are not MoG not then do use this because you will eat like crazy Corpse Dust. (I will fix this later)

Current version A0.72 (11/29/200

This is an alpha release of my new CC.

Current usage Of (Most of these are optional so you can customize your fight)
Shadow of Death Supported
NonPather (Almost done, need to test)
Bone Shield
Use Fashion (or not)
Use Pestilence (adds on)
Unholy Blight
Death Strike to heal
Rune Tap
Avoid Adds: Low Health (untested)
Heal pet (during rest)
Chains of Ice (runners)
Death Grip / Ice / Deathcoil Pull System

Walking Dead Fight Sequence (Slow work b / c it is just tuff to die)
Blood Strike
Rune Strike
Icebound fortitude
Fix pull Seq. Configurable to be
Fix Pet Gnaw

Recently Fixed (needs testing)
Death Coil Catching
Override pull (pull Icy Touch always choice)
Horn of Winter
Drink (trying to gain mana during rest. This will make you just stand there and do nothing)

Possible Issues

Put contents of a zip folder into glider's "Classes" folder.
- BangNite.CS (Pather)
- BangNite.XML
- BangNite Waypoints.CS (waypoints)
- GConfig.dll
2 Compile class
3 Pick options
4 Check "BangNite" keys. (They should auto add, but may not find correct spell)
5 Set "Death Knight" base class keys. (I only added keys that the base class did not have at the time)
6 May need to limit in mana Glider set to -1. (This is a temp fix to a residual issue)
Have fun and let me know how to better my class.
7 Set "BangNite.DEAD" keys as follows

  <key KeyName="BangNite.DEADClaw" ShiftState="None" KeyType="Char" BarState="Bar1" Char="2" /> <Key KeyName = "BangNite.DEADExplode" Shift State = "None" KeyType = "char" BarState = "Bar1" char = "8" /> <Key KeyName="BangNite.DEADGnaw" ShiftState="None" KeyType="Char" BarState="Bar1" Char="3" /> <Key KeyName = "BangNite. DEADLeap "Shift State =" None "KeyType =" Char "BarState =" Bar1 "char =" 4 "/> <KeyName Key =" BangNite.DEADThrash "Shift State =" None "KeyType =" Char "BarState =" Bar1 "char = "5" /> 8 set key to BangNite.TargetGhoul values   of "V-Char" "0x70" "Shift"
There are bugs and logic to be finished however I do not have time to fully test the class by myself. Any feedback and suggestions would be very welcome.

I offer no support or take over, I guarantee this will work - if you have problems, please turn on in Super Slow

I just wanted to quote it again for the people - who for whatever reason - have no access to the amino-Forum

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