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Glider stops (backing up)
ALT January 15, 2009
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Glider stops (backing up) - Posted: 15/01/2009
Hi, I currently botte n DK, and after some time he just listened to what to do and just stops, but is still active and Glider stops net. Selves have been tested with the standard class and with the Death Knight 2.0 cc. Both also Summon Ghoul Corpse Dust and once had on and off. Avoid possible adds is issued.

Here is the piece of log ausm ceases to Dems:

Monster is not targetting me, no big deal
Backing up
Monster is running
Backing up
Monster is running
Backing up
Monster is running
Backing up
Monster is running

and no, the mobs do not run away, are neutral animals in Nagrand Oo

greetz fanboy
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ALT February 11, 2009
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Check in Tatatureinstellungen whether the "down arrow" in reverse.
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