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EUWoW - We offer you something, what no other PServer
ALT 10/11/2010
Registered since: May 2010
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EUWoW - We offer you something, what no other PServer - Posted: 11/10/2010
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europeWoW opens its doors!

After a few difficulties in the past, we have returned with a new concept and a larger team again ...

What this means for you:
Concentrated fun packed into a realm where the patch 3.3.5a!

Team & Community

With a team of more than 20 members, including 3 project, 5 developers, 1 and 10 GFX'ler support GM's & presenters,
We offer the ideal conditions for a unique gaming experience.
Every day, our developers work on the improvement of the server to allow you the optimal experience.
Through the quick support and daily events, the wide range is rounded off.

Of course, new faces are welcome and we therefore do everything in our power to do
so that you do in our community feels as comfortable as possible.
Of course, we can expect that you acquit - we tolerate any negative sentiment affecting the climate of the community.

Be nice to other players, then they are there to you too .

Server & Technology
We have a very high performance server root

# # # # # # # # Quad Core XXL # # # #
* 2 x Opteron 2352
* 2 x 4 x 2.1 GHz
* 16 GB of RAM
* 3 x 750 GB # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #
and can therefore offer a Lagg-and crash-free gaming experience on our realms.

In addition, the servers run a self-developed, very Bugfreien, Core,
and based on the already Bugarmen Trinity Core, with lots of body
Spell Fixes and some custom scripts. We have a competent
Development team, which continues to work daily on servers and fixes reported bugs.

Gods son Instant 80

Our Instant 80 PvP Server offers everything you could wish for PvP players heart.
There are 2 unique players each meeting places for groups with many traders, teachers,
and other NPC's that are placed clearly at the start and you Equippen
to facilitate (BIS T9, 5, and everything is free Buyable S7). There is a sophisticated
PvP system with a new FFA zone and our popular BG hinterland.
There is no donor items or other benefits that could unfairly affect the game play.
Of course, work very many instances, we also regularly update and improve this,
We also offer you PvE change. In addition, nearly every day events of our Game Masters
conducted, where can you get a great price.
All in all a very stable, bugfreier, and very good PvP server. All arenas and battlefields,
Class spells, work hardening, etc, and run largely trouble-free!

New World Funserver

"Almost 300 years ago was completely wiped out Azeroth! This was done by a Kil'Jaeden Deathwing and from Packt. All this passes through the fall of the Lich King, which was indeed replaced by Bovlar, but his new power was beginning to be strong, and thus was He conquered by Deathwing. all brave heroes fighting against the demons and dragons army, but when Deathwing slowly got control of all dragonflights and Kil'jaeden discovered the power of the Elementals to complete check, was the armed force is so power full that all the heroes have died and those who survived, fled through the Dark Portal, which was then Destroyed. was 300 years later, thanks to a new glimmer of A'dal created. Kael'Thas, who was once consumed by his addiction to magic and Jaina in the fight against the army had fallen, could be revived by A'dal! Kael'Thas It was to be freed from his addiction and this would build an army with the survivors of Azeroth. You created a plan to win back your old world. By Kael'Thas trick succeeded to his old island "Quel'Danas" ..... And here starts to get your character to now, to prove themselves against the dragon army! "

We have built a unique story about the complete world that is ever developed! How is this possible? Quite simply, phasing! Our world is in constant motion through dynamic attacks on camps and cities! The Azeroth what you know, it's not here!

The server is structured from AZ! The items that are instances, the areas are so far scheduled to have in Cataclysm! The Custom Custom Equip Spell and is Designed, all this is as far as possible balanced! Surely this is a 100% impossible to create balance and especially not on a fun server, but we are very Trying it as much as possible to allow.

The level goes up to level 100, and for good reason! The battleground Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin and Eye of the Storm are possible and adapted to level 100! The most annoying bug which is available on a private server is probably the Druid / Rogue / Hunter Dodge bug, but this is already our history since the beta! Then you surely know the annoying persistence Stance swap bug? Ex Druid goes into bear form and whoosh 1 HP? Is also available with us since the no longer beta!

General Thanks Trinity, we have one of the best scores as a basis, so we can start a lot. Whether functional or stability Trinity has long been the best score. For this purpose we used a completely own DB, which have been basic features of TDS Incorporated.

We do not want you to tell everything, comes to our server and see for yourself!
PS All Acounts and old characters are still available!

Account Creation: Create Account

Realmlist: set realmlist
Walkthroughs: Port: 9987
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Online now!
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ALT 10/11/2010
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Why you could afford you no regular server? I mean, even our web server has more RAM and CPU.

Sign up times when you look on the cheap (like well managed) servers are (definitely less than you pay for your hosting) and get this:

AMD Athlon 64 3700 + Memory 1024 MB DDR400 RAM 2x 160 GB HDD SATA HDD (Software RAID 1) network card 100 MBit connection Unlimited Traffic
Intel ® Core ™ i7-980X hexa-core including Hyper-Threading Technology
Hard Drive Optional (extra cost) hard drives (max. 4) Price / Month 1 x 1.5 TB SATA II 9 € 1 x 300 GB SAS 15 €
1 x 120 GB SSD 15 €

NIC 1 GBit OnBoard with 100 Mbps connectivity backup Space100 GB Bandwidth Unlimited
You should fix your umlauts times -. -
Best regards,

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