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Patch 4.1 News - Casualisierung of instances
ALT 01.04.2011
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WoW news BOT (Gamona)

Patch 4.1 News - Casualisierung of instances - Posted: 01/04/2011
Our colleagues have discovered some of Allvatar changes in patch 4.1, which have not yet made its way into the official notes. These are changes that are totally dedicated to the casualization of World of Warcraft. So it will probably be a way to master all the Cataclysm instances solo. Here, the [...]

Patch 4.1 News - Casualisierung of instances
News about world of Warcraft directly from
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ALT 01.04.2011
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April April -. - Like listless ...
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ALT 01.04.2011
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ALT 01.04.2011
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