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WoW cataclysm: Ghostcrawler primary vs. secondary values WoW.Gamona.News World of Warcraft General 0 09.12.2010 22:30
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Coffee fun with Ghostcrawler: individual armor
ALT 01.04.2011
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WoW news BOT (Gamona)

Coffee fun with Ghostcrawler: individual armor - Posted: 01/04/2011
Sometimes signs and wonders. For almost six years, the WoW community cries out for an individualization of the armor, and now Blizzard has apparently relented. With patch 4.2 in this area, extensive improvements are planned. Thus, creating the possibility for the gathering skills, resources to color in certain colors, and thus the articles made a [...]

Coffee fun with Ghostcrawler: individual armor
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