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WoW: Guild chat by Unterwegs
ALT 07.04.2011
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WoW news BOT (Gamona)

WoW: Guild chat by Unterwegs -Posted: 07.04.2011
According to Blizzard is currently an app for the iPhone and Android devices in development, which allows you to chat on the go with your guild. Opting for the "World of Warcraft Connect" service logs can chat with his mobile phone from his guild, whisper the Guild Master and use other functions to which Blizzard [...]

WoW: Guild chat by Unterwegs
News about world of Warcraft directly from
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ALT 07.04.2011
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Here we go ... I think it's bad enough that you can monitor with your mobile phone now its auctions, etc. Now even the guild chat? When the insanity finally over? ...
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ALT 07.04.2011
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If you can join with your car radio in the PvP queue
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ALT 07.04.2011
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The madness will end when a WoW 3.0 comes out as the iPhone App ...
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ALT 07.04.2011
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This is the way to the car radio as soon possible ... The trend is for mobile computer as a board ...

I am surprised that Blizz eig so long has left it ... A colleague has already tinkered something in VB ... That's right all the teammates from one another, so Equip Spec etc.
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