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Guide: "tasty Kataklysmisch" - success
ALT 28.04.2011
Registered since: Mar 2008
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Guide: "tasty Kataklysmisch" - success - Posted: 28.04.2011

Original name: Cataclysmically Delicious
Group: Both

20 success points

You have to eat 47 meals to get the success. I divide the food into cooked / baked and need to be in court that you have to buy from the NPC. All in all, if you are fishing the fish themselves and the distributor of the food itself takes off you should expect a time of at least 2 hours. Cleverly, you seek out a few guildmates and distributes individual tasks. This minimizes the time it takes her extremely.

Prerequisite: Cooking skill 500 +
(Or ask the chef of your confidence and bring him the materials)

List of all dishes that you need for success:

Your shopping list:

Fish and other food to be cooked baked /:

  • Algae fin perch
  • Basilisk "liver"
  • 2x Krokiliskenschwanz
  • 2x black belly Mudfish
  • Tough Meat
  • Mountain trout
  • 2 x Simple Flour
  • Cocoa beans
  • 2x deep sea fish way
  • 3x Sharptooth
  • Mysterious lucky card
  • Dragons edge
  • 2x Blutgarnele
  • 2x Lavaschuppenwels
  • Striped 2x Lurkers
  • Hochlandguppy
  • Snake eyes
  • 3x Murgelschnauze
  • Monstrous Claw
  • Klafteraal
  • Giant tortoises tongue

Foods that are purchased directly from the Manufacturer:

  • Violet Morel
  • Unidentifiable meat dish
  • Tropical fruit sun
  • Tasty Puff-ball
  • Braised rabbit
  • Sour green apple
  • Smoked cheese strand
  • Marlin sashimi
  • Slow cooked octopus
  • Scarlet Porling
  • Rough Stone Biscuit
  • Roast beef
  • Pine Nut Bread
  • Oily innards
  • Giant turkey legs
  • Highland sheep
  • Highland pomegranate
  • Hardtack
  • Grilled shark
  • Butt-engine wheat bread
(By clicking on the link above you will be directly displayed on in which NPC you can purchase the respective item.)

I wish all amateur chefs, good luck!
Guide copyright by Someday
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ALT 28.04.2011
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Many thanks for this guide!
Best regards,

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