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MMOGA-what is going?
ALT 30.04.2011
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MMOGA-what is going? - Posted: 30/04/2011
Hiya dear forum

degree'm pretty freak on ... Check out yesterday at MMOGA NEN-Key bestelllt.
After 10 minutes I got a mail that I should send a copy of ID card for security ...

Hello? Who sends to Hong Kong an original ID card copy of itself. Well maybe I'm a bit peculiar because in any case I do not do so.

MMOGA I then confirmed that there was no problem to cancel the order if you want to.

So now comes the real problem. All types of commission of the cancellation, either by mail or live chat come to ignore. In another forum, I've even read that they take you for a cancellation 10 € (what's going on?).

Now the question is I just get the money back through Paypal and if I do that, then makes MMOGA stress and "try!" show me?

Yours sincerely,
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ALT 30.04.2011
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So the times I have called and asked things about the PP-Acc ... For safety reasons.
But there was nothing wild, street, house number, zip code or something ...

Why do you send a copy of which they not? What are they doing it?
Gulli spoiled

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ALT 30.04.2011
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Right, imagine someone hacks your PP account, then you'd be happy if not the companies would first require a copy of your passport with you and so that no mischief could be done?

Is not that just like cashiers look at the signature, I would go ballistic ...

MMOGA Kannste trust, I've never had problems and are wondering that too only once.
Best regards,

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