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WoW patch 4.1: desperately seeking Poseidus…!
ALT 01.05.2011
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WoW news BOT (Gamona)

WoW patch 4.1: desperately seeking Poseidus…! - Posted: 01/05/2011
As we reported earlier, based in the Vashj'ir rare seahorses Poseidus with the Cataclysm content patch 4.1 has been enhanced strongly. Since Wednesday, the aquatic beau admit of fall with 100% certainty the reins for the non-soulbound calmed seahorses. In contrast to the Abyssal Seahorse Vashj'ir quest line is this mount can be used in all waters and - [...]

WoW patch 4.1: desperately seeking Poseidus…!
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