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WoW is black
ALT 06.08.2011
Registered since: August 2011
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WoW is black - Posted: 06/08/2011
Huhu together,

have the following problem and that I'm lvl 11 when I Nachelfe daranasuss or how does that mean (sorry'm lvl 61 Tauren otherwise, try the other side out) go in, it crashes my pc off, if I then want to log back into the world wants to enter, remain then the black screen and hangs up, have already uninstalled zich times and made repair, but had unfortunately not taken.
what it could be the problem that locks up the image even before coming?

hope you can help me further

Mini mini
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ALT 06.08.2011
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What the problem is related to the bot?

Changeable times your resolution or reinstall WoW completely deleted.
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ALT 07.08.2011
Registered since: Mar 2008
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Delete your WTF folder and then run in the WoW directory Repair.exe
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ALT 07.08.2011
Registered since: Dec 2008
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Incorrect area in which you are posting here.
Totally inappropriate and stupid headline accordingly.

- Graphics card driver update vlt.
- You give us Vlt times more information? Computer data, etc. ...
Gulli spoiled

The more precisely you have followed the instructions, I am all the more friendly

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ALT 07.08.2011
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Name edited and moved to correct forum ...
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