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Sell: VK Gold on all EU servers! Thori World of Warcraft Exchange 0 10/04/2009 12:49
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Sale EU Gold on all servers
ALT 22.01.2012
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Battle of the claw

Sale EU Gold on all servers - Posted: 22/01/2012
Dear botters community.
I offer now a gold sale on here in the forum
If you buy gold from me, you have the 100% certainty that nothing happens because I personally give you the gold via trade. You can even put the name to be called as the Char aussuchern of you exist.
Here, I'll throw times the prices in the area so that you know ever modest.
Our website is currently under construction. Will post as soon as the page but it's ready.

AIM Name: Marcel nowak

List Price: € 20,000 g = 14
50.000G = 30 €
100,000 G = 50 €

Have fun buying.
LG Legasto
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