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New Glider Beta: 1.5.8 RC6
ALT 09.04.2008
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New Glider Beta: 1.5.8 RC6 - Posted: 09/04/2008
1.5.8 RC6

Ok, this time is really fixed for the autologous EU. We reproduced it and now we understand the change in the realm select wizard. So a bunch of changes to the internal interfaces for class dev guys.

A quick note on renaming: I renamed the methods for dealing with the "pre-world" interface objects because the naming was inconsistent. Sun code Depending On those will need to be updated. We try to avoid renaming as much as possible, but I wanted to nip this in the bud before a bunch of code out there using what method the bad names. If you check ndoc, it's always PreWorld now on the two methods (dump / get) and the property (IsPreWorldVisible).


* Fixed missing autologous suggestion to handle properly when switching realms. Really!
* Added to CursorItemType Ginter Face Helper to tell when what's being dragged.
* Added Drag and EndDrag Begin to Face Ginter object to move things around easily. (See samples for thread demo)
* Added EnableCursorHook and DisableCursorHook in GContext to do scary background cursor manipulation outside of limb.
* Tweaked and renamed PreWorld (not logged in yet) stuff, including new method to dump objects.

Download link:
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ALT 09.04.2008
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hey thanks for the info )
But where can I find the forum ami - (see samples for demo thread)?
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ALT 09.04.2008
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Could someone please translate this into German? But please do not english :/


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ALT 09.04.2008
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I will appear below the download link at the instalation still RC5, details of which the amino forum?

What is now the RC5 RC6 o?

Addendum: After installing RC6 is, ok alright.

Last edited by vince (09.04.2008 to 21: 56 (Watch)
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