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Glider 1.4.0. RC3
ALT 28/04/2007
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Glider 1.4.0. RC3 - Posted: 28/04/2007
Ok, went through the forums and picked up a bunch of bugs from RC2 ... and more cleanup on mouse spin, just because it's fragile. Seems very friendly now. And it's even smoother than before with less wasted time between pulses. It looks good now.

Oh yeah ... Priest.cs, too. Brought it over the new model as-is, but I slid a few little tweaks in. Inner fire detects the buff and puts it back up once it's been beaten too much away from melee. Wanding and better stuff. Since it runs through all the new code, it definitely kills faster with less delay between keystrokes now - it's very different when turning off the wall to cast, for instance.

Actual bullets:

* Fixed mouse button releasing spin too fast, even more stable and smooth!
* Fixed various issues with new party model.
* Fixed various bugs with futility and blacklist unattackable targets.
* Fixed add rogue detection while lurking from vanish.
* Added detection for sitting party leader: will not take off if other members are sitting, very helpful.
* Added Priest.cs as editable class, logic is mostly copied from old priest with a few surprises.
* Added to party buffing mage class. Steal the new method if you have your own private mage and want the logic.

Download link:

For priests, please do not invite is still massive timing problems!!!
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