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New Glider beta 1.5.2 RC2
ALT 05.09.2007
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New Glider beta 1.5.2 RC2 - Posted: 05/09/2007
Mercury has once again released a new beta, I do not want to deprive you:

What has changed?

* A lot of new features for developers Glider Classes
* Rogue: it was a bug raised by the rogue uses Vanish at 95%, then the approximate extent modified the code for the Rogue mobs no longer relies on the blacklist.
* Paladin: The Paladin uses LoH now in critical situations
* Glider should be faster "file open" dialogs produce
* The loot code was again revised

* Added GConfigWindow: see ndoc updated and new sticky in class dev forum!
* Added method to Interact GNode Allowing mailboxes, doors, and other objects to be easily clicked.
* Rogue: fixed stupid debug code to vanish at 95%, oops.
* Rogue: tweaked approach code to not blacklist all the time.
* Paladin: wired LoH back up to be used in panic situations.
* Tweaked timerHandler to hopefully fight ... File Open dialog-less.
* Tweaked loot-queue code to wait for lootable flag should help behavior after kills (bad stealthing, twitch-turning, etc).

Download as usual:, 1937 ...-betas% 29.html
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