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Warlock conjures not pet!
ALT 19.05.2008
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Warlock conjures not pet! - Posted: 19.05.2008
As the thread name suggests, I have a problem with my warlock. for some reason, he evokes no pets. I used non glider elite.
in logchat is always:

"Gliding started
Demon never showed up on summon - maybe you should change config assign "NoDemon" pet "?

warlock is in the options I have also set up to invoke the Voidi and of course the key evidence and correctly. but not specified why he still conjures up nothing. I found a similar thread on the topic, but one who has the problem solved with a CC for Wl.
it may be that I missed some setting for the WL?
thx for the help!
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ALT 19.05.2008
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I try to translate times.

Demon has not bezeigt after the incantation - vlllt you should check your settings "No Demon"

I guess you have proven wrong the Pet button.
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ALT May 20, 2008
Registered since: 27 Aug 2008
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ne ne keys are already set up properly, he tries not to cast something. But I at least found a temporary solution, simply place demon armor, put the pure incantation ^ ^ Although I'm no longer the buff, but at least one pet.
only times the general asked, what must be set for all the WL so as he summons a Voidwalker?
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