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WoW Glider forum rules!
ALT 02.07.2008
Registered since: May 2007
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WoW Glider forum rules! - Posted: 02/07/2008
§ 1 Use the search feature of the forum before you postet!

In the upper right corner on the main page you will find the "Search" button:
By clicking the "Search" button you come to the search. The operation of the search function is self-explanatory. A little practice and you'll find very quickly the required information.

Use the search function is highly recommended, since so very quickly receive infomation you need to open and therefore possibly even a new thread, and can respond to the existing post.

§ 2 only posting in the right forum (on topic)!

Postings may be created only ON TOPPIC in those forums, it must be the appropriate sub-or sub-forums will be elected.

The forum is in Wowglider main forums and on the basis of these divided into a plurality of sub-and sub-forums. The sequence and the title of the forums are designed so that you keep an overview on the one hand and the other immediately know which topics are discussed in each area.

In order to post this survey and therefore your contributions are not lost, it is imperative to make contributions to the correct sub-forums. If you're not sure, also helps to use the search function.

Repeated opposition against this rule will lead to a warning.

§ 3 No double posting! Not even in different forums!

It is not desirable that one and the same is posted twice in a forum. Also posting in various forums with the same content ("cross-posting") is not allowed. If in fact responded to both threads, the information is distributed. Furthermore, when cross-posting at least one thread not in the right forum (ie not on topic).

In general, postings are not really so important that it must be posted in various forums. Opposition against this rule will lead to a warning. Spamming lead to expulsion from the forum!

§ 5 for a new post is always a meaningful title.

This point should not really understand themselves. The title of the thread is like a headline in a newspaper. With its help you can select whether the contents of the postings for a relavant or not, and only allows you to find or retrieval of relevant threads with the search function.

Titles like: "Look ..." "Please help me!", "I have a problem!", "Read this!" or "What do you say?" should be taboo. Also, title, the only curious are to be avoided.

Repeated opposition against this rule will lead to a warning.

§ 6 If you want to appeal to a user / member in person, write a PM (private message).

The forum is meant for information of general interest. Private communication on the forum is not allowed. The forum has a versatile function PN (private messages).

Note: The PN feature is only available to users when they have written two posts in the forum. Spamming or senseless postings are not allowed to reach this number.

By clicking on the user's upper left of the post (left mouse button) will open the pulldown menu:
After clicking on the item "a private message to xxx" You can not post your PN. Also a member's profile offers the possibility to send this directly to a PN.

Incoming PN are usually reported by POP-UP window. This is not the case, the display of new PN in the control, if you've selected the appropriate function, can you also notify you by email can.

PNs can also be read at any time by clicking on "Inbox" in the Control Panel.
If the PN function should be deactivated once, you can communicate via email privately.

Therefore the user click on top left of the post (left mouse button), it will open the pulldown menu.
"Send an e-mail to xxx" after clicking the point you can compose your email.

Postings such as "@ XYZ" or "XYZ get in touch again" are not welcome!

§ 7 Watch out for the tone in WoWglider forum. Insults are not tolerated!

It goes without saying that one observes in the forum etiquette.

Insults, abuse, etc. have no place in the forum nothing. Opposition against this rule will lead to a warning, as appropriate, to a temporary deprivation of rights or write to expulsion from the forum.

§ 8 There are no dealer or professional buyer and seller tolerated (WoW ACC Trading only in its forums)!

Dealers are people who want to earn money with geklauter goods. Therefore, references to dealer sites and dealer offers are prohibited on this forum! WoWglider The Forum is a private forum and should not be abused by professional providers for their services, even in the purchase and sale of ACC forum. Opposition against this rule will lead to a warning.

§ 9 posts that lead to behavioral or krimenellem call will not be tolerated!

Criminal content such as "counterfeit money" or "build a bomb" pull, the crime (!) And may be not be tolerated on this forum. Opposition against this rule, as the case leads to a warning, a temporary removal of writing rights or exclusion from the forum.

Besides, the possession of pirated copies is not a crime but a license violation. This may, however, can have consequences.

§ 10 Pornographic content will not be tolerated on this forum!

Contents of this kind are not allowed on the forum.

Since we have many members and visitors under 18 years and are subject to the protection of minors. Since we have built no way of verifying age, we can not tolerate this kind of content. There are plenty of other forums that deal exclusively with this topic. Opposition against this rule will lead to a warning!

§ 11 Advertising, spam ID thief games etc. Links are allowed!

a promotion of its website, spamming thief games left post of IDs (also disguised IDs), etc. is not allowed.

b. Furthermore it is forbidden for pyramid schemes (eg also the example now also active in Germany Freepay system i.POD, laptops, etc.) to advertise in some form, either in thread `s still in the signature, since these pyramid schemes are illegal. After reading the (BGH of 10 November 2005 - III ZR 72/05 and III ZR 73/05)
Source: The Press Office of the Federal Court.

Please understand that the forum WoWglider not as an advertising space is used and no illegal activities are not tolerated in advertising. Opposition against this rule, as the case leads to a warning, a temporary removal of writing rights or exclusion from the forum.

§ 12 The pushing of articles is not allowed!

Push of contributions means that an article is only written to the appropriate thread in the index back on top.

Exception: (!) (!) The pushing of a thread, which, after days of no response contains the problem will still be allowed, and then be desirable even before you open a new thread. Repeated opposition against this rule will lead to a warning!

§ 13 The Requesten of crack / serial / CD key is not allowed!

Below are all the questions to include in ALL forums.

Exception: In the trade section, it is allowed to ask accounts, but this is the ONLY exception is the make and only considers wow accounts and not, serials, CD keys defying etc. against this rule will lead to a warning!

§ 14 prohibits defamation of minorities

Stir users, people discriminate against foreigners, politicians, homosexuals and other people hate, or who encourage violence are to be admonishing or possibly deleted without any warning. Opposition against this rule will result in deletion or a warning!

§ 15 Instructions

The instructions of the Board staff are to be obeyed.

§ 16 offenses result in a warning, revocation of write access or exclusion from the forum!


-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Etiquette on the Net

Here are some tips on how the network efficiently and courteously can use to everyone's satisfaction (and should):

First Never forget that sits on the other side of the man!

Most people think in the moment when they write their messages and thread, unfortunately no doubt that the messages are read not only computers, but also of (other?) Organisms, primarily of people.

Depending on your distribution, your message can be read by people such as in Germany. Always remember and do not be tempted to verbal outbursts. Remember, the abusive and rude, you behave, the less people are willing to help you if you ever need anything.

A simple rule of thumb: Never write anything, what would you say to the addressee in front of other people's faces.

Second Read first and then think, then read again, then think again - and only then post!

The risk of misunderstanding is a written, computerized media is particularly high. Make sure several times that the thread creator of the thread, the answer you want, also meant having what you think. In particular, you should make sure that was not sarcasm or perhaps used a similar variety of humor :-), without him, with the smiley icon :-) mark.

Third Keep it short!

No one likes to read threads that are more than 50 lines long. Remember, if you are posting threads. By the way: It is advisable to keep the length of the lines of their own at about 70 characters.

4th Your threads speak for you. Be proud of it!

Most people know from the net and judge only by what you write in threads or emails. Try, therefore, your threads and easy to understand as possible to write without spelling mistakes.

A Duden next to the machine may to some seem an exaggeration, given the fact that many readers of the thread creator of making mistakes almost illegible threads for a (to put it quite clearly) hold idiots, this investment may not be entirely missed.

Remember that your concern is not over, not even if it meets the basic requirements for style, form and level.

Also keep in mind: Maybe check with your future colleagues or your prospective boss. Prejudices are easily formed.

5th Take your time when you write a thread!

Some people think it would be enough to hack a thread about two minutes into the computer. Especially in view of the foregoing paragraphs is hardly possible. You should take the time to post a thread that also meets your needs.

6th Neglect not the presentation of your threads!

Moreover, periods and commas should be self-evident; by upper and lower case letters of the text is readable. Paragraphs to break up the text when they are inserted every few lines.

7th Be careful with humor and sarcasm!

Make sure that your sarcastic remarks meant a flag, that will not provoke misunderstanding. Consider this: In a written medium is very little of your facial expressions and gestures over, you would use for personal calls.

The network is available for this purpose a series of symbols,. Are the most common ":-)" and ":-(" If you do not immediately obvious what to do these symbols mean, you put your head but just to the left shoulder and look again ... :-)

8th Soon the text, you refer to, necessary to the minimum!

It's a good habit to documents to which we refer to quote verbatim.

9th Use mail / PN, wherever possible!

If you want the thread creator of a thread to tell something, please consider carefully whether it is not sufficient a simple mail / PN.

An example: At the latest when heated discussions finally degenerating into wild orgies of abuse, the time has come for the discussion nobody cares except the armed taps.

10th Pay attention to the legal regulations!

It is perfectly legal to post brief excerpts from copyrighted works for informational purposes only. What goes beyond is illegal. At the copyrighted works include newspaper articles, lyrics, programs, pictures, etc. Also it is illegal, by word and / or image to bring up crimes or at least instructions to deliver it.

Make sure that you break any laws with your thread and remember that everyone makes punishable possibly holding such information on their own computers and other makes available.

11th "You" or "you"?

Of writing in German from the "de. *" Hierarchy, the question arises whether one should "Du" in threads and other network participants mails "siezen" or. There are no absolute rules, but it has been naturalized, the other with "you" to talk. 99.9% of the participants in the "de. *" Hierarchy, which also found nothing wrong and would regard it as rather strange, if they would be gesiezt at once. Perhaps this is netiquette so the last thread on the net, where you will geSIEzt ...

Rules have always been a goal Bestimtes.
They are Situated to prevent something which is not desirable.

However, it is impossible to create rules that are 100% only the rule which is undesirable.
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