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small problem
ALT November 20, 2008
Registered since: Nov 2008
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small problem - Posted: 20/11/2008
have a little problem and I know still do not look right with the glider (it was only today)
I want a mage (horde) gliders at 70 and 80, am now lvl 11 char with this ... is consistent with the char near crosroads and the members begin to kloppen mobs at all as far as mob only good for 1 or 2 `s get the following error message,

Spinning for too long, letting go of key and re-syncing
Stuck too much, trying previous waypoint
Feels like we're stuck, trying something strange
Futility, never hit on spin (?)
Stuck too many times

(It then looks like this as if he always between the play window mode and then back and forth zwitscht desctop windows .... char moves something on the bottom left desctop "Start" button and in the menu then different things ... , and the char moves back to work again ... then listen to glider.
maybe I can have any of you antee them to tip ...

've read anything in the forum and found a similar post but it says only that if there is no elite is on it must remain in the foreground just wow ...
(With me in the foreground and I move the window mode, not from the mouse)

MFG mentos

more quickly what "edit" xP if we are migrating from xp before lvl 10, he has conjured water itself now he can produce the new water but he does not make it ... is now no longer produces water .. but it was pulled into the strip on the space where water was anderre.

Last edited by mentos (20/11/2008 to 03: 20 (Watch)
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ALT November 20, 2008
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go into the settings on the rider glider keys, then select as the mage, press edit, if the new window to save rises. that had to do if you were always the teacher as he wrestled the old, the magic drinne.
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ALT November 21, 2008
Registered since: Nov 2008
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Thank you for your help think I have solved the probelm ...

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