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PVP BOT with DK (Leetlock)???
ALT February 14, 2009
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PVP BOT with DK (Leetlock)??? - Posted: 14.02.2009
Hi everyone ...

Opinions on PvP bots are so far apart, to the brave who dare to still be successful, I would have times ne question:

I did not attack the problem that my DK in BG or fights back, only because I have my Goul it set to "Aggressive" ...

Did then heard the "LEETLOCK" for BG Botting is undabkömmlich. But here I only caught settings for Warlocks.

If my DK is now under attack Glider writes "Attacked by player, waiting to die off", and he only fights against pets. Setting "Strike against player" is on.

So my question:

Is there a similar program for botting for DK PVP or what settings are in the right glider, so my DK fights right?!

thank you before .....
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ALT February 14, 2009
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Leetlock ausschliesselich is a warlock custom class and therefore suitable only for warlocks. There are also CCs for DK but ka how they are. Test would have to test it by myself.
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CC's for DK
ALT February 14, 2009
Registered since: Jan 2009
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CC's for DK - Posted: 14.02.2009
Ok, has anyone an idea, or perhaps NEN tip for me where I come the bitter?
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