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small problem
ALT 11/01/2007
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small problem - Posted: 01/11/2007
have the following problem from time to time comes when Gliden this message:

* Exception in GlideThread: Object reference not set to an object instance. at Glider.Common.Objects.GGameClass.Rest () at Glider.Common.Objects.Mage.Rest () at ad.r () at ad.y () at ad.a (Boolean A_0) at ad.t () at ad.n () at Ad.S ()
then he stops Gliden.

What exactly does that mean? And how can I prevent this?

Thank you in advance

MfG Loki
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ALT 11/01/2007
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So that's an error in your Custom Classes I had not tried ne new version to get or hire new installen of Classes.

LG Cryten
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ALT 02.11.2007
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have the au but do not use cc
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