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PPouge schmiert beim essen ab Relaxx PPather 2 20.05.2008 21:27
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Alt 18.05.2008
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ppouge - Posted: 18.05.2008

ich suche die neuste version vom ppouge. kann mir die bitte jemand aus dem ami forum hier upen? mein key wird da net angenommen
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Alt 18.05.2008
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Key Pogue features

Smarter approach. Will wait for patrolling mobs to leave before entering combat. Or pull ranged if they do not leave.
Avoids adds in combat. If a hostile is getting close to the fight we move out of there.
Can safely sneak up behind a mob to open with ambush or other "from behind only" moves.
New combat moves, get behind stunned mob and do a backstab/mutilate
Silly amount of configurations. Should be good for all kind of specs.
Most abilities can be used: Ghostly strike, Preparation, Premeditation, Shadowstep, Hemorrhage, Mutilate, Rupture, SnD, Envenom ...
Vanish works
Smart avoidance of other players
Learns about mobs behavior. Ranged, Runners and "Cry for help"ers
Knows when we are dotted and waits for the DOT to run out
Repair and sell items to vendor (read the readme.txt inside the zip)
Can use cooldowns such as trinkets and racials on different conditions
Can fight back if attacked by a player, or even engage players
Configurable order for finishing moves

News for 1.1.3 Beta
New features
PvP greatly improved improved
much faster in combat movement/reaction but sloppier on what moves it does
attack closer targets if available and avoid attacking pets
does not try to attack fast moving targets (mounted and running)
and more...
Cannibalize updated slightly
Slice and Dice configuration life % was bugged, and a little spell error fixed
Should handle vanishing player targets
Does not shadowstep before entering stealth
Shadowmeld and Cannibalize was referring to Parrior keys :/

News for 1.1.2
New features
Shadowmeld while eating (untested)
Does not wait for full energy after shadowstep, but before
Does not try to premed if not stealthed
Many many tweaks to the movement code.

News for 1.1.1
Clarified some options for monster life finisher condition
Added some check to avoid getting stuck if dieing at odd times
Moved some improved in-combat movement code from Parrior

******ustom Finisher Sequence[/b]
Pogue allows you to control in what order the finishers should be used. All settings for finishing moves do still apply. Eviscerate and Envenom are still automatic and will be used if you got 5CP and nothing better to do or it they will kill them mob according to the multiplier setting.


Using Pogue requires that you know how to modify the keys.xml file for glider and
how to add a new custom class. This is not hard to do, if you got problems
read the glider help on how to install a custom class or how to change your
Key Mappings. It is very clearly described there how to do it.

Now to get Pogue running this is what you have to do:

Put Pogue.cs, Pogue.xml and GConfig2.dll in the Classes folder in your glider folder.

If you do not want to edit your own keys.xml you can put the one supplied into you glider folder.
It has all the default keys for everything, it is just the keys changed for pogue that is modified.

When you fixed the Keys.xml make sure to go into the tab "Keys" and click "Load" to make glider
load the new updated Keys.xml.

Enable Pogue by going into glider setting, Classes and check the checkbox before Pogue.cs.
In the general setting under class select Pogue v<some version>.
Click Options and make sure they suit you level/talents and the monsters you plan to fight.

******ombat bar (shift-1, normal/stealthed)[/b]
1 Stealth
2 Ranged attack
3 Sinister strike
4 Eviscerate
5 Gouge
6 Backstab/Ambush
7 Cold blood
8 Cheap Shot
9 Evasion
0 Kick/Sap
- Potion
= Vanish

Rest bar (shift-6)

1 Eat
2 Mainhand poison
3 Offhand Poison
4 Riposte
5 Blade Flurry
6 Kidney Shot
7 Feint
8 Adrenaline Rush
0 Distract (not used yet)
= Hearthstone

Bar 4 (shift-4)
1 Hemorrhage
2 Ghostly Strike
3 Preparation
4 Shadowstep
5 Cloak of Shadows
6 Mutilate
7 Deadly Throw
8 Rupture
9 Slice and Dice
0 Envenom
- Premeditation

Bar 2 (shift-2)
1 Usable item #1
2 Usable item #2
3 Usable item #3
4 Usable item #4
5 Blood Elf Arcane Torrent or Undead cannibalize or Shadowmeld
6 Blood Elf Mana Tap

Add this in you keys.xml (unless you used the supplied keys.xml):

<Key KeyName="Pogue.Stealth" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Ranged" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Sinister" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Eviscerate" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Gouge" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Backstab" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Ambush" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.ColdBlood" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.CheapShot" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Evasion" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Kick" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Sap" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Vanish" BarState="Combat" ShiftState="None" Char="=" />

<Key KeyName="Pogue.Poison1" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Poison2" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Riposte" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.BladeFlurry" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.KidneyShot" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Feint" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.AdrenalineRush" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Distract" BarState="Rest" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />

<Key KeyName="Pogue.Hemorrhage" BarState="Bar4" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.GhostlyStrike" BarState="Bar4" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Preparation" BarState="Bar4" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Shadowstep" BarState="Bar4" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.CloakOfShadows" BarState="Bar4" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Mutilate" BarState="Bar4" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.DeadlyThrow" BarState="Bar4" ShiftState="None" Char="7" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Rupture" BarState="Bar4" ShiftState="None" Char="8" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.SliceAndDice" BarState="Bar4" ShiftState="None" Char="9" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Envenom" BarState="Bar4" ShiftState="None" Char="0" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Premeditation" BarState="Bar4" ShiftState="None" Char="-" />

<Key KeyName="Pogue.UseItem1" BarState="Bar2" ShiftState="None" Char="1" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.UseItem2" BarState="Bar2" ShiftState="None" Char="2" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.UseItem3" BarState="Bar2" ShiftState="None" Char="3" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.UseItem4" BarState="Bar2" ShiftState="None" Char="4" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.ArcaneTorrent" BarState="Bar2" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.ManaTap" BarState="Bar2" ShiftState="None" Char="6" />
<Key KeyName="Pogue.Shadowmeld" BarState="Bar2" ShiftState="None" Char="5" />

Change your combat bar to bar 1 to make use of the bar-flipping when in stealth

Modify the line in keys.xml from
<Key KeyName="Common.BarCombat" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="Shift" Char="5" />
<Key KeyName="Common.BarCombat" BarState="Indifferent" ShiftState="Shift" Char="1" />

If you want to use the mount feature make sure you got that keybinding right too. The default mapping in glider for that is the "`" key.

Depending on you spec there can be a lot of bar-flipping when fighting. To avoid that you can try to collect you mostly used skills to just one bar.

And if you got any bar addons in WoW make sure to remove then them gliding. They tend to make a lot of stuff not work in glider.

This and more you can read about in the readme.txt inside the zip archive.

Tendency Editor
There is a new feature in the configuration dialog. A way to view and edit the behavior (tendencis) that pogue has learned on encountered mobs.
From the readme.txt:
Here you can see and edit the behavor of mobs that Pogue (and Parrior) has seen.
Once in while Pogue will classity a mob as "unmovable" when it really is not. "unmovable" means
that the mob does ranged damage and will not follow if we try to move it or range pull it.
If that happens use this tool to remove that tendency from the mob and lock it. If you lock
a mob Pogue will not learn anything new on this mob.

+Rep für mich danqqe
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Dateityp: zip Pogue 1.1.2.zip (63,4 KB, 10x aufgerufen)
Dateityp: zip Pogue 1.1.3Beta.zip (65,1 KB, 23x aufgerufen)
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Alt 18.05.2008
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ich suche patherpouge.....
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Alt 18.05.2008
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Pve version nicht gefunden nur die PvP
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Dateityp: zip PPoguePee010alfa.zip (27,1 KB, 19x aufgerufen)
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Alt 18.05.2008
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is das die neuste? hast nen rep
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Alt 18.05.2008
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natürlich ist es die neueste
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Alt 18.05.2008
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thx, dacht nur wegen dem komischen namen ^^

mfg bjoerni

wenn man die config aufruft, kommt ne message box mit fehler, bin in nagrad. wenn bedarf is schick ich ma nen screen

Geändert von Relaxx (18.05.2008 um 20:39 Uhr)
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Alt 18.05.2008
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ich spiele mit PathPogue031fixed ist nur PPather und läuft klasse
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Alt 18.05.2008
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dann poste die mal pls....
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Alt 18.05.2008
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OK, dann ist hier der DL LINK inkl. Keys.xml Rep + Das ist nun die 1.1.3 Beta aber nur PPather
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Alt 18.05.2008
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rep haste, warum so viele negative du hast?
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Alt 18.05.2008
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so da war zwar der pather pouge drin, der funzt aber net mit der aktuellen pather version, kann das sein?

Gliding started
TotalMemory before 1 MB
* Exception in GlideThread: Die DLL StormLib.dll: Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden. (Ausnahme von HRESULT: 0x8007007E) kann nicht geladen werden.
bei StormDll.StormDll.SFileOpenArchive(String szMpqName, UInt32 dwPriority, UInt32 dwFlags, Void** phMpq)
bei StormDll.Archive.Open(String file, UInt32 Prio, UInt32 Flags)
bei StormDll.ArchiveSet.AddArchive(String file)
bei StormDll.ArchiveSet.AddArchives(String[] files)
bei WowTriangles.MPQTriangleSupplier..ctor()
bei Glider.Common.Objects.PPather.OnStartGlide()
bei Glider.Common.Objects.Pogue.OnStartGlide()
bei Glider.Common.Objects.PPather.Patrol()
bei ah.q()
bei ah.v()
Saved tendency info on 0 mobs
Inside OnStopGlider()
TotalMemory 1 MB
TotalMemory after GC 1 MB

mfg bjoerni
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