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Rogue mit Shadowstep!
Alt 12.07.2007
Registriert seit: Jun 2007
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Rogue mit Shadowstep! - Posted: 12.07.2007
ok habe im US forum nen guide gefunden wie es ohne customclass geht

First of all, thanks to LD666 as I got my idea from his post in http://vforums.mmoglider.com/showthr...ght=shadowstep

17 JUNE '07 THIS GUIDE HAS GONE THROUGH A COMPLETE OVERHAUL!! Check the Notes section for more information regarding the changes.

Using the Subtlety Build
Seems to me that everybody is saying that the subtlety/assassination trees are just unreliable with glider. This guide, however, proves that it is not only possible to use that tree, it is also levels you FASTER than the combat build, provided you have the right profiles. The downside? You must have shadowstep in order for everything to work. That's a minimum level of 50 for rogues - take note.

Also note: this guide assumes that you will be using the following skills: Ghostly strike, Hemorrhage, Premeditation, Ambush

This guide consists of the following sections:
1. Rogue setup
2. Glider setup
3. Macros to use
4. Where to glide

1 Rogue Setup
By the time you're level 50, you should have the following setup: http://hiderefer.com/?http://www.wow...iZZE0eshhosxok

At 70, I use the following setup: http://hiderefer.com/?http://www.wow...0xZE0eshhosxot

Change it as you see fit, you may want to go for Lethality, or combat riposte instead, it's up to you.

2 Glider Setup
In Rogue options:

- set pull distance to 20 - that's the minimum range for shadowstep

- Enable
use Stealth
use ghostly strike

- Do not enable
stealth only on pull
open with cheap shot
open with backstab

- set sinister strike energy cost to 35 if you use Hemorrhage!

3 Macros to use
Put the following macros to replace the slots as indicated:

Relpace: Thrown/Ranged Weapon
/cast [stealth] shadowstep
/cast [stealth] premeditation
What the above does: Rogue casts stealth (if not stealthed). Then, he shadowsteps. Premeditation kicks in for the free 2 bonus combo points, if available.

Replace: Sinister Strike
/cast [stealth] pick pocket
/cast [stealth] ambush
/cast [combat] hemorrhage
What the above does: The Rogue now pickpockets, and ambushes in quick succession. Then, he hemorrhages to infinity.

Replace: Evasion
/cast evasion
/cast sprint
/cast preparation
What the above does: Whenever you cast evasion, why not cast sprint for fun? Preparation will reset everything anyway!


Replace: Stealth
/equip <dagger>
/cast [nostealth] stealth
What the above does: Stealth will always have you equip a dagger. HOW TO REPLACE DAGGER WITH YOUR OWN: simply shift-click your weapon of choice after typing: /equip.

Replace: Ranged
/cast [stealth] shadowstep
/cast [stealth] premeditation
What the above does: Now your rogue shadowsteps and casts premeditation for bonus combo points, if available.

Replace: Sinister Strike
/cast [stealth] pick pocket
/cast [stealth] ambush
/equip [nostealth] <sword>
/cast [combat] hemorrhage
What the above does: In one button, the rogue pickpockets and ambushes. Then, he equips your sword, before spamming hemorrhage to infinity.

IMPORTANT: Replace: Vanish
/cast vanish
/equip <dagger>
/cast preparation
What the above does: If your rogue vanishes, he has to re-equip his dagger, or the ambush macro will stuff up forever.

4 Where to glide
In order to use the build efficiently with glider it is important to note that you have to make your own custom glides, or get public ones with mobs that do not move around too much. Adds are also a problem, however there are many locations where the chance of getting adds are zero. IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO TAKE THE TIME TO MAKE UR OWN CUSTOM PROFILES, YOU WILL SIMPLY DIE FROM POOR PROFILES NOT MEANT FOR SHADOWSTEP. An example of an excellent public glide would be: http://vforums.mmoglider.com/showthread.php?t=64297 - HUMANOIDS ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS

Final notes

On the Setup in General
I've been using this build for a while now and it works very efficiently. With the setup I kill about 20% - 50% faster (when the crits and combo points all add up, and shadowstep does shorten 20 yards of move distance) and I'm stealthed 95% of the time (can't see = can't report).

How it actually works
If you setup your rogue using the default buttons, what it usually does is (in the following order):

1. Enter stealth
2. Pull with thrown weapon
3. Wait for mob to come close
4. Spam sinister strike
5. Use other skills when available

Replacing the keys with my macros, therefore, will have glider still going through the abovementioned sequence of events, however what your rogue does instead is:
1. Enter stealth. Equip dagger.
2. Pull by casting shadowstep.
3. Right behind mob!!! So rogue immediately....
4. Spams pick pocket, ambush. Switch to sword, hemorrhage
5. Use other skills (ghostly strike!) when available

On using [stealth] and [nostealth]
These commands are essential to work as I have combined stealth-only skills with combat skills in one macro. Without them your macros will fail. For example, observe the macro below:

/cast Ambush
/cast Sinister Strike

Note that because there is no [stealth] code for ambush, your rogue will try to Ambush even when not stealthed, and Sinister Strike will not follow as the macro tries to get Ambush out first. I hope you understand this simple reasoning :0

On the recent changes
I have tested my macros and discovered that by using the /castsequence method, problems will arise whenever adds are encountered.

Example: /castsequence reset=6 ghostly strike, hemorrhage, hemorrhage....

What happens is that after doing the sequence and killing a mob, if an add is encountered and ghostly strike is still on cooldown, the button cannot be used. That would make your rogue buffet if he can't spam skills. I have therefore removed all castsequences in all my macros and replaced them with hemorrhage. Your rogue will still cast ghostly strike (enable it in options), except not immediately after ambush.

Have fun!
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