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Warnung: phishing-mail aus US-Forum
Alt 25.03.2008
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Warnung: phishing-mail aus US-Forum - Posted: 25.03.2008
Aus dem US-Forum und Nachahmer im europäischen Raum sind wie stets zu befürchten


It has come to our attention that you are trying to sell/trade your personal World of Warcraft account. As you may or may not be aware of, this conflicts with the EULA and Terms of Agreement. If this proves to be true, your account can and will be disabled unless you give us your full cooperation. Your account has been flagged and will be subject to investigation by Blizzard employees. Blizzard reserves the right to use all legal measures possible to bring uncooperative users to justice.

If you wish to make sure your account is not suspended you should immediately verify your account using the template provided below. This action is taken because we at Blizzard Entertainment takes these sales quite seriously. We need to confirm you are the original owner of the account and that it has not been sold/traded. This is easiest done by confirming your personal information along with concealed information about your account that only you would know, this confirms that you are the original owner of the account.

You can confirm that you are the original owner of the account by replying to this email and using the template below to verify your account and information:

* Full Name
* Address
* Zip code
* Daytime phone number
* Country
* CD-key, alternatively a photograph
* Account Username
* Account Password
* Account E-mail
* Secret Question and Answer

We ask that during the verification process you please change the registered email on your account to:
[email protected]

If you ignore this email your account can and will be closed permanently. We ask you to NOT change your password until the investigation is fully completed at which point you will be notified by email of the results.

As soon as we have this information we will be able to progress the resolution of this matter for you.


Account Administration Team
Blizzard Entertainment

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Alt 25.03.2008
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