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Cryten 09.04.2008 21:29

Neue Glider Beta: 1.5.8 RC6
1.5.8 RC6

Ok, this time the autolog is really fixed for EU. We reproduced it and now we understand the change in the realm select wizard. Also a bunch of changes to the internal interfaces for class dev guys.

A quick note on renaming: I renamed the methods for dealing with the "pre world" interface objects because the naming was inconsistent. So code depending on those will need to be updated. We try to avoid renaming as much as possible, but I wanted to nip this in the bud before a bunch of code was out there using the bad method names. If you check ndoc, it's always PreWorld now on the two methods (dump/get) and the property (IsPreWorldVisible).


* Fixed autolog to handle missing suggestion properly when switching realms. Really!
* Added CursorItemType to GInterfaceHelper to tell when what's being dragged.
* Added BeginDrag and EndDrag to GInterfaceObject to move things around easily. (see samples thread for demo)
* Added EnableCursorHook and DisableCursorHook in GContext to do scary background cursor manipulation outside of gliding.
* Tweaked and renamed PreWorld (not logged in yet) stuff, including new method to dump objects.

Download link:

Pat 09.04.2008 22:11

hey danke für die info :o)
aber wo finde ich im ami forum -(see samples thread for demo)?!

Dalaro 09.04.2008 22:28

Könnte das jemand bitte ins Deutsche übersetzen? aber bitte kein Google.de english :/



vince 09.04.2008 22:53

Mir wird unter dem Download link bei der Instalation noch RC5 angezeigt ,selbige aus dem Ami Forum !?

Was den nun RC5 o. RC6 ???

Nachtrag: Nach der Instalation steht RC6 ,ok alles klar.

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