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Glider 1.2.9 Beta RC1 (Revision open for all)
Alt 05.04.2007
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Glider 1.2.9 Beta RC1 (Revision open for all) - Posted: 05.04.2007
This is an open beta, so everyone can grab it. There are a few big bug fixes, but at least one of them is a patch around some code that I know is broken - so I'm still looking for log files from folks who see this log entry in the window:

!! GObjectList.FindUnit failed on...

It's a synchronization issue between the old, crappy object model and the new style. While Glider does not die any more, I still need to find it. So if you get that log entry, check out the FindUnit failed thread. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Edit, linked to that thread: http://vforums.mmoglider.com/showthread.php?t=57331

For other issues, feel free to start a new thread. Since this is open beta, I expect there will be a ton of new threads of varying usefulness ("why is glider attacking the drink vendor?"). Don't be offended if not every thread is replied to.

To install the beta, simply back up your existing Glider folder (to be safe) and then unzip this file over your Launchpad.exe:


You can go back to production 1.2.8 or 1.2.6 by downloading either at the usual places:


The actual changes in this beta are:

* Fixed bug with re-attaching after screen resolution change and some other contexts. Big bug.
* Fixed loot-near-hostiles code to handle desync properly if new object list is catching up. Big bug.
* Removed unused window hook option in Launchpad.
* Changed Keys.xml parsing to accept empty strings for Char and VK to indicate undefined keys.
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