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Glider 1.3.1 RC3
Alt 18.04.2007
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Glider 1.3.1 RC3 - Posted: 18.04.2007
I finally managed to get my guests out of the house and got some work done - productive work, too. Changes since RC1 here:

* Mage: new code ready for test! See help file for minor action bar tweaks and config changes.
* Fixed brutal paladin looping heal bug.
* Fixed config window to be more friendly about enabling resurrection limit field.
* Fixed monster evasion detection to make sure the current target is the one evading.
* Tweaked extra add detection to make sure add has health and validates your pet before considering it a possible add target. (d'oh!)
* Tweaked GliderTell upload page to allow longer transfer times for big logs.
* Tweaked default value of loot safe distance to 15 yards. Re-apply your changes if you altered it.
* Tweaked loot code to be less confused about monsters culled from the object list.

The mage code is pretty hefty and does a lot of new stuff. Adds are handled better, with FN before the poly if either is close enough and better communicate back to Glider after an add: instead of waiting for combat flag to clear, Glider recognizes that combat ended with an add and takes appropriate steps: bandage/Evocation (if necessary), back up, wind up pull spell.

Counterspell got two big upgrades as well. Glider can detect casting without the chat log, so that manual step isn't necessary. More importantly, Glider can detect casting while you are casting - so if you configure it right, Glider will actually abort its current spell to CS a monster, which can really help burn down the healers fast. This still doesn't work with the wand, but that's pretty much the way the game works with wands, setting off enormous cooldowns with each shot. CSing out of a wand is, as any mage who's tried can say, pretty darn hard.

The config was also cleaned up quite a bit and the scorch/wand/?? switchover as monsters get low is much easier to manage. I nixed most of the Arcane Missiles stuff because it's easy to recreate with the finisher code.. and almost nobody uses that out of the box.

If you have a mage, definitely check the help file and get your bars up to speed properly.

Download link: http://mmoglider.com/Betas/GliderBeta_131_RC3.zip

PS) Looting seems to be MUCH better, let me know if you see this acting up.

PPS) Wand code in mage checks the button to see if it's firing, so it should recover from monsters that stun or knock you down - feel free to test that out and see how it works for ya.
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