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Ausfall der Glider Remote-Server ...
Alt 10.05.2007
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Ausfall der Glider Remote-Server ... - Posted: 10.05.2007
Glider Startup Server is currently offline.
Our mmoglider server went down at approximatly 2:15am CST time, the server is leased from a 3rd part compainy and we do not have an ETA on when it will be back online.

This will result in customers not being able to access the member forums, and glider will not beable to retrieve initial offsets & check for updates apon running launchpad.

The server may just be offline for schedualed mainence - or it may be a component problem, we don't know. Remain patient however - and the server will be back online as soon as possle.

Please do not create or spam threads about this problem, we already know and don't need to hear about it again from you.

Error Recieved:


Exception in startup: The remote server returned an error500)Internal Server Error.
at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponce()
at bh.e(String A_0)
at bh.j(String A_0)
at bh.p()
at bh.ctor()

-MmoGlider Team

Update : 10:19 Uhr
Server funzt wieder es kann wieder munter geglided werden
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